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Nuevo Paso

Hello dear family and friends of our stellar Guate crew!

We send you greetings from San Juan La Laguna. We arrived yesterday to a beautiful views of Lago Atitlán. The students explored the Pueblo in groups for a few hours before we met with Diego Ixtamer, a local artist, muralist, leader and jugador de Pelota Maya. Diego gave us a tour of the town through murals and local cooperatives. Many of Diego’s murals paid homage to Mayan culture and the nawales. Part of our tour included a visit to hunaab kah, the students learned about different bee species, and tasted alllll the honey- from pollen filled honey to cinnamon and cardamom whipped honey and much more! We visited a cacao cooperative as well and went through the journey from la cosecha (harvest) to a 70% chocolate bar. My personal favorite part of cacao is the fruit right when it it harvested, we will be on the look out for trees in our future travels!

This is el primer paso of our time here, and I would like to share I see this group finding our pace in a place that has been dear to Dragons for years.

As I only have one more day with the group, I wanted to share my deep gratitude to my compañerxs who I see as true stewards of the land, water, forests and people. Gracias Tetó, Jochen, Moni, Erick y Alex por todo su trabajo.

I am honored to have joined this journey. A lot has happened in a condensed period of time. As the students are developing their traveler selves, I know this journey has informed the complexities of travel, group dynamics and has surely reflected entanglements of the world, more than once.

The brightest of blessings to all.