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Photos from Orientation

Dear Family and Friends of Senegal Students,

The group has been enjoying their orientation in the sleepy town of Thies, learning about the basics of interacting in Senegalese society, and getting to know one another. Today the students had the opportunity to hang out at instructor Samba Sow’s house in Thies, and met up with Awa, a Senegalese university student from the city of Thies. This evening students enjoyed a small ice cream party to celebrate the 4th of July.

Slight shift in itinerary: tomorrow, the group will stay an additional day in Thies to spend the day learning about Senegalese culture from local homestay families, eating traditional lunch and enjoying the slow pace of afternoon household activities in the summer. On Tuesday the group will leave early in the morning to make the long drive south to the lush green hills of Kedougou for the trek.