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Question: Packing the Bags

Hi Dragons Team Leaders,

I would love your suggestions on the best way to pack up the items on the packing list and divide into the big Backpack, the Daypack, and the Duffle.  (confirming we can use the duffle as a third bag to transport items), We are having a hard time fitting all the equipment (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, chair) in the big backpack and fitting everything else into the daypack.

Thanks for your help!



We would recommend that the backpack fit inside of the duffel for travel, and any items that don’t fit into the backpack can be stuffed into the empty space that is leftover after the backpack is put into the duffel bag, so you should only need to check one bag at the airport. You can put anything that you need for the day of traveling in the daypack and carry on to the airplane–wallet, phone, a water bottle (which can be refilled after passing through TSA at the airport), a book to read, or anything else that is needed for the journey.

Happy packing! 

Your Instructors