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San Juan la Laguna!

Hola! Estamos en San Juan la Laguna.

This town on Lake Atitlan is surrounded by magnificent green mountains in every direction. Here there are weaving, chocolate, honey and coffee co-ops everywhere you go, and everything is grown and created in the mountains. We have spanish classes for two hours a day, and then we explore and do classes and activities. We are here until Friday and then we go to x-phase, where we will plan every aspect of the trip and coordinate it, from transportation to budget planning. We already chose our location, San Lucas, which is focused on permaculture. Yesterday we went swimming in the lake, and did a class on development and what it means in a global context. Tomorrow we are hiking to Rostro Maya, a high peak, to watch the sunrise before spanish, and we plan to depart at 3am. We are enjoying the incredible beauty of the Highlands and soaking up as much language and culture as possible before we move on to expedition phase.