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The Compound Homestay

For my homestay I stayed at a big compound house with 2 other people, Sarah and V. We each technically had our own separate families, but we all ate meals together and hung out as a big family. The house was so energetic and filled with kids. There was Maximo, Nene, Mika, Caela, Daniela, and Sarah. They were always playing and yelling and picking up all the animals. There were SO many animals. There were a bunch of dogs, 3 cats (one of which could fit in the palm of your hand), a bunch of chickens, a bunch of ducks, a bunch of rabbits, a bunch of cows, and 2 pigs. So the house was always pretty chaotic. It was great though. All 3 of us dragons had a few stomach issues over the 10 days we stayed there, but the food was good. We drank a lot of tea, and ate a lot of peanut butter. On the last night, we all gave our presents to our families! It went really well. Then, in the morning, we were running late and the car wouldn’t start because it was so cold. We all had to push the car to get it to start and then hop in. It felt like an 80’s movie. Then, we got to the program house late and drove to the airport where I am writing this yak. We’re about to get on the plane to La Paz and see Claudio who left us when we went to Tiquipaya.