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The infamous dinosaur ‘museum’

Throughout our time in Toro-Toro, we were able to explore the town. Our favorite part was the infamous dinosaur ‘museum’. When you enter the museum you are hit by the little gift shop that encapsulates all of Toro-Toro’s tourism. Beyond the shop, you walk a tiny flight of stairs and are met with of collection thousands of fossils. As you explore more, tiny rooms lead you through a prehistoric journey among plastic dinosaurs, religious statues, and stone relics of the dinosaurs that once walked the very streets we roamed. When we finished, the lady in the gift shop told us about the history of the quirky museum. A 93-year-old man, now living in Cochabamba, has spent 50 years of his life in the Andes uncovering these rocks. He has arranged his passion for the enjoyment of any traveler with 5 bolivianos in their right pocket and a little bit of luck.