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Toro toro trek

Two days ago, we started our trek with three guides from Toro Toro named Sabino, Freddie, and Victor. They were absolute beasts. I told one of them he had legs like the Hulk because he was straight booking it. Leaving us all in the dust. It was a tough uphill battle against the scorching Andean sun. We stopped for lunch at a tiny school made of clay bricks way up in the mountains. PB and J in the shade hits different.

By then, we could see Toro Toro from the mountain top and the mountain which our campsite would be on top of where we were. It was behind three other mountains and looked much closer than it was. When we finally got to the campsite, it was hella windy. The grass was really spiky, and we were warned not to leave our shoes out because of black widow spiders and not to touch any rocks. We munched on some delish stir-fry which Isabelle made behind the cover of a little stone wall to shield against the piercing wind.

We did a bowl pass dinner and it was yum. We all ate dry, deconstructed, and cold s’mores in one tent with no rain fly and watched the many shooting stars above us. Then, for breakfast, we ate eggs which Isabelle also made in the dawn of the early morn before starting yet another battle against a steep descent. We were told it would be flat. It wasn’t. At all. After getting to the next campsite, which was filled with cow and various other animals’ dookie (and more spiky grass), we made tea.