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Trekking and more

July 16th 2021

The four days before today my group and I were on a trek through gunnison national forest and went through a place called storm pass. The most important part of this trek for me was seeing the view on top of the peak that we climbed. This trip was both fun and tiring, which I feel, is important in helping us be independent. Our trip started with a little incline, the first day seemed the hardest, the second day was actually the hardest in terms of the elevation we had to reach. The third day started a decline, and by the fourth day the whole routine of moving, setting up, and packing up was very fluid. These days of walking, showed me that dragons programs aren’t just there to give students lots of stimulation and fun, instead we had to work for our goal. We got to experience a unique lifestyle, which forced us to appreciate what we had and what the land means to us. This trekking experience also gave me the opportunity to be able to do it in the future, its a nice experience that would be fun to do in the future.

We also went to a rodeo on the 15th which was a great experience, it made me more happy about America and the idea of being an American. Additionally it helped me understand the lifesyles that people live in America, and why people live this way. I do still miss home, but overall I think this is a great experience and think that its inspiring to live a more sustainable lifestyle, as well as a more active life, in many ways.