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Peru 4B group, summer 2019

The Last Day of The Lares Trek

Dear Families,

For those following the Yak Board, I apologize for the delay in the update about the last day of the Lares Trek. While I am sure most of you have heard about the group’s decision to cut the trek a day short, I am hoping to explain why we made this choice. On the morning of the second-to-last day of the trek, we woke up in a small village called Qanchis Paccha in a valley between two Andean Mountains. After the challenging hike the day before, our group had set up camp in a villager’s backyard. We popped up the tents and prepared for dinner. When looking back on this experience, I can honestly say that dinner that night was the breaking point for the entire trek. The dinner consisted of overcooked pasta topped with a criminally bad sauce that stuck to the inside of our Tupperware for days. By morning, the majority of the group was sick with either gastroinstetinal issues or altitude-related sickness. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, the group decided that instead of trekking the long way to the next campsite, we would take the shorter route to shave off six hours. When we got to the campsite, everyone felt exhausted and cold, so we chose to return to our Eco Hotel in Urubamba. In an effort to prevent people’s illnesses from worsening, we made our decision to shorten the trek for the health of the group. Right now, we have all recovered and are enjoying tons of amazing food in Paru Paru.