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Rio Grande Semester - Group A


Learning Lessons in the Desert

Jane Singman, Participant

There are many lessons I have learned in the deserts we have stayed in during this trip, but none as salient and important as the lessons I learned in the Chihuahuan Desert on the Continental Divide Trail. Here is a summary of what I think is......Read More

Rio Grande Semester - Group B


Dear CRBS (Colorado River Basin Semester) you...

Willow Serena Celie Nat Charlie and everyone else, Participant

Dear CRBS, You guys seem super chill. We have recently been living parallel lives. We just finished up the Grand Canyon with our man mans Jed and he told us a lot about you guys. We also just spent time with Thomas Joseph from the Hoopa  tribe in......Read More


Some words to our students’ loved ones

Bradford, Instructor

Dear loved ones of our Dragons group, As we finish our mid-course gathering, among the mountains, trees, and plains of Southwest Colorado, we each have a lot to look back on and consider. You, who have supported someone in our group, who maybe......Read More

Colorado River Basin Semester


Cedar Mesa Trek Begins

Instructors, Instructor

Hello All! The group is packed and ready to go, excited for our journey into the backcountry, reconnecting to nature. We will respectfully enter into the Cedar Mesa canyons in the former Bear’s Ears National Monument area, an area both sacred......Read More


BRN Picture Yak!

Mitch Walker, Participant

We spent a little over a week working with Borderlands Restoration Network, or BRN, a non-profit organization located in Patagonia, Arizona. The goal of BRN is to foster a restorative economy in the area through wildlife restoration, creating......Read More


How to Hike the Grand Canyon

Aaron Serianni, Participant

Picture of the Week

Bring Water! The Grand Canyon is a desert, and even though it is only spring, the sun is hot and bright, and thus it is easy to become dehydrated. For a day hike, 3 liters of water is necessary, 4 is preferred. For 16 people, we brought 55 liters of water, and we still only had just enough to get out of the Canyon! The Colorado River is the perfect vessel to carry water through western North America and three distinct deserts: the Mojave, Sonoran, and Chihuahuan Deserts. The dry air above these deserts draw in moisture from the Sea… Read More

Rio Grande Semester - Group A


10 Things I Learned On Our First Trek

Laura, Participant

Yak of the Week

After reflecting on our first trek through Big Bend State Park, and as our second trek on the Continental Divide Trail approaches, I think it is important to reflect on what I personally learned the first time around. They say that making mistakes......Read More


Thoughts from your friend Jack

Jack, Participant

What’s poppin! I have learned lots about myself throughout this super cool journey so far and I am excited to learn even more about the places I am camping in. Learning about the border from El Paso, New Mexico and Arizona has shaped my views......Read More



Instructor Team, Instructor

Our group was extremely fortunate to receive Covid-19 vaccinations yesterday in Laredo after Texas loosened restrictions and made them available to anyone over sixteen. It was great timing in particular because we will be concluding our time in......Read More


A Borderless Passover on the Border

Jane, Izzy, and Tyler, Participant

Yak of the Week

How does one find matzo in west Texas? The answer is, you don’t. While preparing to make 64 pieces of homemade matzo for our Passover Seder, the doorbell rang, and a small miracle arrived: five pounds of matzo that we had overnighted in a fit......Read More


Jesse and the beanz

Willow, Participant

I think I have to start this Yak by stating that today was the best day I have had in a very long time. The sole reason for this being that we got to visit a seed saving center called Native Seeds Search! I have been very interested in seed saving......Read More


Poems from the Borderlands

Ella and Josh, Participant

Yak of the Week

Did You Know? by Josh 25 feet tall. 16 feet underground. Dirty, rusted metal. Barbed wire, but only on the United States side. Did you know? Did you know that red, beaten bottle caps litter the Borderlands between the United States and Mexico? Did......Read More