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Reflections of a Lawrentian in Morocco

Phil, Dragons Admin

Life at Lawrenceville is truly rhythmic. Wake up. Class. Consultation. Lunch. Class again. Athletics. Arts. Chill. Dinner. Socialize. Study Hall. Feed maybe. Sleep… Every day is part of a six cycle that you constantly become more ingrained into.......Read More


Souk Day!

Hadley and Esha, Dragons Admin

Ssalamu 3alaykum! It’s Hadley and Esha, and today was our second day in our homestay in Azrou. After our eventful although chaotic first day getting settled, we were ready to get to know our host families a little better. Our host family is big.......Read More


First day with homestays

Hannah, Sydney, Birney and Hanae (host sister!), Dragons Admin

Hi everyone! It’s Hannah, Syd, Birney and Hanae, our amazing host sister. We are currently writing this post in Hanae’s family’s riad, a traditional Moroccan home. Today, we arrived in Azrou, a small city in the middle Atlas.  There are three......Read More


Meknes to Azrou

Joao, Dragons Admin

The plan for today was to wake up at 06:45 am, and so we did. Syd, the Magana (alarm clock), promptly showed up at the boys’ room at the planned time. We showered, packed our bags, and were ready one hour after waking up. Then, we had......Read More


Trip to Meknes

Hadley, Dragons Admin

Today we journeyed from Moulay Idriss Zerhoun to Meknes. In the morning, we gathered together to share a moment of silence before we started our day. This action was one of our five pillars of dragons that we made yesterday and modeled after the......Read More


First full day

Mikkel, Dragons Admin

Greetings, or, as I have recently learned, S-Salamu 3alykum. Over the course of our first two days in our hotel, Riad Hannaoui, in Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, Morocco, we’ve had a lot of experiences, ones that we’ll never forget. First off, today I......Read More


Orientation in full swing

Shino, Badr, Devondra, Stephen and Stella, Instructor

This morning, after a delicious traditional Moroccan breakfast, we did sessions about comfort zones, risk management, Moroccan culture, and Arabic language. Students have mastered introducing themselves in Arabic already! After lunch, we will head......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Morocco

Lawrenceville Morocco


Arrived in Morocco!

Shino, Instructor

The group has arrived in Morocco! They seem in good spirits and ready to go. We are now in our bus to our orientation site in Moulay Idriss Zerhoun....Read More