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Jenn Pelletier, Participant

We had the opportunity to learn how to spearfish and netfish from the Bajau of Sampela, where we spent 5 days learning about their adat (culture and traditions), environmental concerns (they are a sea faring people who depend on the health of the......Read More


Women In Sampela

Jenn Pelletier, Participant

Badass Sampela girls turn into strong Sampela women. In this community, the women are the holders and keepers of money, and so if a husband comes home having caught too few fish and asks for money for cigarettes, the wives say “you did not......Read More



Annie Morrison, Participant

It’s hard to return to the ordinary when I have visited the extraordinary for the last two weeks.   The extraordinary included extraordinary beauty, extraordinary people, and extraordinary challenges. The people of Bolivia I met were......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

China Educator: Beyond the Wall


Response to “A Tale of Two Political...

Frank Barros, Participant

I see Eric X. Li being categorized toward the “Panda Hugger” side of a spectrum. I don’t think tossing him into the entire category works.  He is certainly a supporter of the Chinese political system, but he explicitly stated......Read More


Our Updated Itinerary

Lauren Collins, Participant

Day 1: Thursday, July 26th After settling in and dropping off bags at the Home Inn Plus hotel in downtown Kunming, we will gather in the lobby to make our way to beautiful Green Lake Park for orientation activities and goal-setting for the course.......Read More