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Bolivia: Climate Change Education

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Annie Morrison, Participant

It’s hard to return to the ordinary when I have visited the extraordinary for the last two weeks.   The extraordinary included extraordinary beauty, extraordinary people, and extraordinary challenges. The people of Bolivia I met were......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Bolivia

Bolivia: Climate Change Education


Arrivals in Cochabamba

Stephen Taranto, Instructor

Buenos dias a todos!  We are looking forward to meeting everyone on Sunday and hope that your respective journeys are on the one hand uneventful and on the other contribute to a sense of excitement and curiosity about the next two weeks we will be......Read More



Simon, Dragons Admin

We have finally come together as an I team (instructor team) and are excited for your arrivals. Call us if you have any issues or delays. We’ll see you soon! Pronto! Sus Instructores...Read More