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Owen Jiejie

Owen Matthews, Participant

“我可以打吗?Wo keyi da ma?” Blank stares. It was my first day of work at HHCC’s children’s community center** and I already felt like the new kid in school. Characterized by popped collars, a reverence for the sport of table tennis,......Read More


Trekking in Ladakh: A Daily Diary

Christine Cho, Participant

May 7 We triumphantly finished the first day of our trek. Equipped with significantly lighter bags than the ones we initially brought to Ladakh, we embarked from Likir village in the morning snow to Yangthang village. Feroze and JD–two......Read More


Transference: A Turning Towards Home

Jenny Wagner, Participant

Today there is no clip-clop of hooves on the street beneath my balcony. The sandy streets of Yoff are enveloped in a muffled calm. It’s the first Friday of the Holy Month of Ramadan and shops here are mostly closed. There is no late morning mortar......Read More


Lights out

Frannie, Participant

“In order to make a beehive, you first have to…” The lights flicker out. The sound of rain pounding against the windowsill is overpowered by the strong clap of thunder still echoing through the mountain valley. Shushu, my host “uncle”......Read More