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Popping Bubbles

Sarah Brown, Participant

My perception of the word travel has changed over the last three months. Travel used to be a time to get away, to experience something new that was a breath of fresh air from daily routine. No matter whether camping within a wild landscape, or......Read More


Life without a Chaperone

Peter Taylor, Participant

I’ve always relished any opportunity to carve my own path, to separate myself from others in an individual experience. Since starting summer camp as an adventure hungry ten year old, I’ve continually grown to see my life through a certain lense......Read More



Ryan Sung, Participant

As I stepped into the wu guan, or martial arts center, I was immediately greeted by Bruce Lee memorabilia on every corner, a testament to this martial arts legend. The ultimate testament to his legacy is the tapestry with a red-yellow yin and yang,......Read More

WTBD Yaks from India

Princeton Bridge Year India 2017-18


How to Build a Map

Joshua Eastman, Participant

We have been traveling through Rajasthan for the past month and a half. That’s a month and a half spent exploring new cities, meeting new people, eating at different restaurants, sleeping in different beds, navigating new terrains, and......Read More