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Fixing the Mirror

Nicole Williams, Participant

I am a Christian. I grew up in the church. At the age of 10, my parents left their high-paying jobs and our upper-middle-class lifestyle, to become missionaries in Cape Town, South Africa. Not knowing if we would have enough money for food the next......Read More


How to Wrap a Sari

Jane Mentzinger, Participant

The first time I wore a sari was when I was celebrating Diwali. My host family was out of town so I spent the day with Dolly Ji, our instructor. After nine years of wrapping saris on helpless Bridge Year students, she has it down. In about five......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Senegal

Princeton Bridge Year Senegal 2017-18


The X-Phase

Benjamin Roberts, Participant

Chaos. Carnage. Catastrophy. Since the latest development in this Bridge Year Program, I can only assume that this is what awaits us as we descend into a “Lord of the Flies”-like anarchy. We, the students, have become the instructors. This is......Read More


“Mercy, Not Sacrifice”

Nicole Williams, Participant

Everyday in Senegal is an absolute blessing. Sometimes, I am just walking in the streets of Yoff or just enjoying a meal, and I think, “Wow, I am in Senegal.” I do not take this opportunity for granted. It is a rare chance to experience the......Read More


Some Thoughts on Fashion

Zandra Campbell, Participant

At prep school (hey Lawrenceville, hi Mrs. Calvert!), you basically saw two outfits. You were either wearing Bean Boots, Lululemon leggings, and an oversized sweater/sweatshirt with a Barbour jacket; or you were wearing Timbs, nantucket red pants or......Read More


I’m (Not) Writing About My Family

Fernanda Romo, Participant

Mungi dox literally translates to “it walks.” In conversation, however, one might use it to mean “it’s going,” “it’s fine,” or “it works.” When I set out to write this piece, with the prompt of “mungi dox” in mind, I......Read More



Ariadne Kertsikof, Participant

Every morning when I walk from my home to the program house, I pass through the courtyard of Masjid Besar, the main mosque of Kotagede. Usually I pass by at the time when elementary students have their PE class. There are about 50 kids around,......Read More



Bridge Year Indonesia, Participant

Hi friends! We just returned from our mid-year retreat to Dieng Plateau in the highlands of Central Java! We took some time off our life in Jogja to step back and reflect on our journey thus far, where we’re standing right now in our Bridge Year,......Read More


Popping Bubbles

Sarah Brown, Participant

My perception of the word travel has changed over the last three months. Travel used to be a time to get away, to experience something new that was a breath of fresh air from daily routine. No matter whether camping within a wild landscape, or......Read More


Life without a Chaperone

Peter Taylor, Participant

I’ve always relished any opportunity to carve my own path, to separate myself from others in an individual experience. Since starting summer camp as an adventure hungry ten year old, I’ve continually grown to see my life through a certain lense......Read More



Ryan Sung, Participant

As I stepped into the wu guan, or martial arts center, I was immediately greeted by Bruce Lee memorabilia on every corner, a testament to this martial arts legend. The ultimate testament to his legacy is the tapestry with a red-yellow yin and yang,......Read More

WTBD Yaks from India

Princeton Bridge Year India 2017-18


How to Build a Map

Joshua Eastman, Participant

We have been traveling through Rajasthan for the past month and a half. That’s a month and a half spent exploring new cities, meeting new people, eating at different restaurants, sleeping in different beds, navigating new terrains, and......Read More


A New Hobby

Marissa Michaels, Participant

It would be an understatement to say that the transition from my stressful prep school to the Indonesian culture of santai saja (just relax) was (is) difficult. During our first month in Indonesia especially, our lives were pretty sedentary. Aside......Read More


Trufis: not my Favorite Thing

Rowan Pierson, Participant

There are things in life that you click with immediately, you try something, or do something, or meet someone and it’s easy—everything feels right. Daily transportation here in Bolivia, for me, has not been one of those things. The primary form......Read More