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Photo by Ryan Kost, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Princeton Bridge Year Bolivia 2017-18

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Life without a Chaperone

Peter Taylor, Participant

I’ve always relished any opportunity to carve my own path, to separate myself from others in an individual experience. Since starting summer camp as an adventure hungry ten year old, I’ve continually grown to see my life through a certain lense......Read More


Trufis: not my Favorite Thing

Rowan Pierson, Participant

There are things in life that you click with immediately, you try something, or do something, or meet someone and it’s easy—everything feels right. Daily transportation here in Bolivia, for me, has not been one of those things. The primary form......Read More


Winter Excursion Itinerary

Matt, Participant

Hello friends and families, In just a week we will be heading into our much anticipated winter excursion. The excursion comes after a busy holiday season, and will serve as a time for us to come back together as a group. We will use this......Read More


The Mountain Climber

Rowan Pierson, Participant

I have completed a third of my time here in Bolivia.  Just saying that feels strange.  No matter what metaphor you choose to invoke in order to measure your time abroad, a third feels like a significant amount, whether it is one cookie eaten out......Read More


The Things You Don’t Do

Noah Daniel, Participant

Yak of the Week

For my friends and family, the general sentiment around taking a gap year in Bolivia is a combination of disbelief and excitement. To them, it seems, the central components are the crazy things I’ll do: summiting mountains, becoming fluent in......Read More