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Photo by Ryan Kost, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Princeton Bridge Year Bolivia 2017-18

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Time to Post Student Introductions!

Matt Lynn, Participant

Greetings students! Friends, our time together is quickly approaching. Soon we will be embarking on a remarkable journey together, and Pedro, Irene, and I hope that you are beginning to feel ready to step onto the plane, and out into Bolivia. This......Read More


Queridos caminantes- Hello from Irene

Irene Platarrueda, Participant

Queridos caminantes I feel very honored to join Matt, Pedro and all of you for the beginning portion of your time in Bolivia. I’ll be supporting the group during the first six weeks of the program. My name is Irene Platarrueda and I’ve been......Read More


Welcome to your Bridge Year Yak Board

Elizabeth Johnson, Participant

Welcome to your Bridge Year Yak Board! As you’ll soon discover, this board is a valuable forum for: introductions by staff and participants addressing all questions regarding packing and trip preparation posting live updates on the country’s......Read More


Saludos de Mateo Lynn- Onsite Director

Elizabeth Johnson, Participant

Imaynalla Kasakinchej Dragones? Life shows us many paths, and I am so grateful that your chosen path is to visit Bolivia! The Andes of Bolivia, and the places and communities you will be a part of soon, have shaped my life path in so many deep and......Read More