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An unexpected connection

Yolanda Wu, Participant

Hi everyone!  I’m Yolanda, Oscar’s mom.  What a lovely surprise today when I dashed into Whole Foods in Brooklyn only to come face to face with Sumatra Lintong coffee.  If you look closely at the photo, you’ll see that the coffee beans are......Read More


Headed out on our first trek!

Matt, Instructor

Hello friends and families, Tomorrow morning, we will head out on our first trek in the Cordillera Real. This is one of the most stunning mountain ranges in all of the Andes. We will spend four days in this magical range. Here’s our trek plan: Day......Read More


All Safe in Yunnan

Instructor Team, Instructor

Our hearts go out to the families affected by Typhoon Mangkhut in southeast China and the Philippines. The storm is expected to trickle into Yunnan in the coming days but we won’t expect the showers to change change any of our programming. We have......Read More


Trekking around Meili Xueshan

Kate Gross-Whitaker, Participant

After two days in Shangri-La, we took a bus to Deqin and then on to Feilaisi to begin a four-day series of treks around Meili Xueshan (also known as Kawa Karpo), Yunnan’s highest peak. The mountain sits on the Yunnan-Tibet border at 6740m......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Indonesia

Princeton Bridge Year Indonesia 2018-19


Greetings from Nagasaribu

Isaac Wills, Participant

I’ve jumped into many bodies of water. I recall Percy Priest Lake’s thirty-foot cliffs from which I escaped the smothering Nashvillian summer heat. Remembering Cumberland Plateau’s Fiery Gizzard trail, I lose count of the times I’ve stolen......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

Princeton Bridge Year China 2018-19


Exercising Patience

Reina Coulibaly, Participant

Living in China requires a certain amount of patience. One must have the patience to boil any and all water they ingest; to serve all of one’s elders at mealtimes; to remove ones shoes before entering any living space; to let one’s......Read More


Hello from Mbacke Kadior

Paige Silverstein, Participant

I am currently sitting barefoot under the shade of a baobab tree watching the sun setting behind the clouds cast an orange haze on the surrounding fields. This is Mbacke Kadior. After spending our first ten days in the sandy coastal villages of Dene......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Senegal

Princeton Bridge Year Senegal 2018-19


Asalaa maalekum! Greetings from Senegal!

Sophie Singletary, Participant

Spending our first two weeks in the coastal villages of Dene and Mouit, we have been introduced to various wonderful aspects of Senegalese culture. Welcomed with open arms by the locals, I have quickly learned that the people are what have made our......Read More


On Biking

Naomi Frim-Abrams, Participant

This week, I finally learned how to ride a bike. It only took about 8 years of swerves, falls, and tears before I came to this realization. My journey started when I was in elementary school. I picked out a sky blue, beautiful bike with thick wheels......Read More


Dancing Through Shi Bao Shan

Mandy Qua, Participant

“Yi, er, san, si, wu, liu, qi, ba!” The counts ran through my mind repeatedly as I recalled the basic moves Yuan lao shi had taught us earlier that evening. My hands were clutching strangers’ hands as we danced together to Bai folk......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

Princeton Bridge Year China 2018-19


Man Man Xue Xi

Elizabeth Tong, Participant

Before I open my mouth, I am expected to be able to speak Mandarin. My face assures me of this. And yet, knowing how most others will perceive me has not lessened the burden of expectation weighing on my mind. After all, while my peers receive......Read More


Heading to Uttarakhand!

Sarah, Uttara, and Hemant, Instructor

Dear family and friends, After a whirlwind train trip through Jaipur, we are heading up to the far North (Uttarakhand) for the next few weeks. During this time, we will have very limited access to our phones and devices. We hope you appreciate (as......Read More


Little Moments

Kate Gross-Whitaker, Participant

Sometimes it’s the little moments which make all the difference.   During the afternoon of the Bai Song Festival, Harry and I sat down, chatting, on a hard stone bench in the shade of a young green tree, watching a plethora of people racing......Read More


Homestay en El Alto

Natalia y Athena, Participant

Luciana is seven years old and contains more energy in her fingers than we do in both our eighteen year old bodies combined. When we met her for the first time she grabbed our hands and jumped up and down and spun herself around and around.......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Bolivia

Princeton Bridge Year Bolivia 2018-19


Ciudad Satelite

Liam & Miguel, Participant

We have landed ourselves in a wonderful casita. (You know it´s meant to be if it´s where you take your first hot shower in Bolivia). As per reponsibilty and in temporary break of our Wifi fast, here are a few snippets of our experiences in El......Read More


On the Bolivian Hour

Nicole, Cody, Anna, and Harry, Participant

Live from El Alto, where we are currently rushing to write a Yak on a crowded bus, this is Nicole, Anna, Cody, and Harry. We could attribute our failure to complete this Yak on time to ‘la hora boliviana’ (the “Bolivian hour”). Bolivians are......Read More