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Busy in the City and a Weekend Away

Students of Bridge Year China, Participant

The past month and a half has swept by for Bridge Year China. As more and more of the trees lining Kunming’s streets have lit up with the oranges, reds, and yellows of their autumn canopies, we have developed fast bonds with our host families and......Read More


The Dreaded Doosra

Thomas Earl, Participant

Bridge Year, as it turns out, is a lot like batting in a game of cricket. (Or maybe that’s just me?) Throughout our innings we continuously face new challenges, with each being slightly different to the next. Batting, just like existing in another......Read More



Esha Jain, Participant

When we first started discussing our NGOs, I never thought I would end up working with IVAA (Indonesian Visual Arts Archive). In America I had very little interest in visual art, However, in Indonesia I see art everywhere: dotting the walls that......Read More


Meet Ginger: Our Program House Pup

Julia, Participant

Hi all, I’d like to formally introduce you to Ginger, our beloved puppy. She is an Indian Mutt with lots of personality, adopted by us after she was found lost on the street without a mother. She is about three months old and rapidly growing.......Read More


Lutfi’s Introduction

Lutfi Handayani, Participant

I am a curious person who loves to meet people. I wonder what will happen in the end of this adventure. I hear adolescents talking, laughing, and arguing. I see young people growing strong. I want the adventure of my senses before it passes me by. I......Read More


Gulliver’s Travels

Isaac Wills, Participant

Whack! “Kamu memukul kepalamu lagi?” (Did you hit your head again?) “Ya, seperti biasanya.” (Yup, as usual.) I had indeed rammed the back of my head into my host brother Amar’s birdcage … for the fifth time. The......Read More

WTBD Yaks from India

Princeton Bridge Year India 2018-19


Kya Baat Hai

Lena Hoplamazian, Participant

क्या बात है Kya Baat Hai. Literally translated, the phrase means “what a thing.” Kya baat hai, we were told, is used to express great amazement. Specifically, we were later told, it is used by old men at classical or......Read More


Sunday Morning

Naomi, Participant

Sunday morning, I received one of the worst wake-ups of my life. I got up, brushed my teeth, showered, picked out an outfit, and eventually decided to check my phone. I immediately was hit with a flood of messages, my lock screen completely covered.......Read More


The Jungles of Jaipur

Bethelihem Tebase, Participant

The dawn of meaning breaks outside the precincts of the humble Hathroi Fort. Lo, the sun! It stretches life into every disgruntled crevice of the defunctionalized…the dehumanized. Two minutes into my walk, and I’m already preparing to take a......Read More


It’s so rafeet na!

Kate Macakanja, Participant

Yak of the Week

Upon our arrival in Yoff-Layenne, our home for the next eight months, our group is tasked with completing a scavenger hunt in our new neighborhood.  We descend solo into the winding alleys to search and explore, equipped only with paper maps and......Read More


Udaipur from a Bicycle

Joe Becker, Participant

Honk!  As the moped to my right alerts me of its imminent overtake, the sound is lost in a cacophony of other similar squawks, rings, and shouts, as the perpetual melee that is morning traffic in Udaipur arises from the tranquility of the dawn. We......Read More