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Building a family

Mandy Qua, Participant

Shushu and I headed towards my home for the next 12 days in silence. After what seemed like a never ending stretch of walking uphill, we finally arrived. He led me upstairs to my room to unpack and abruptly left the house to complete an errand......Read More


Breakfasts of Champions

Leila Owens, Participant

As our merry band of travelers stepped (or in some cases sleepily stumbled) off the overnight train that had taken us from Uttarakhand to Jaipur, there was a lot to greet us. While the shouts of delight may have tipped me off, it wasn’t until......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

Princeton Bridge Year China 2018-19


Developing GuanXi

Harry Saunders, Participant

For the last month, we traveled around Yunnan from place to place, rarely stopping for more four days at a time. Even in Hongpo village, where we spent twelve days in a rural homestay, we didn’t have our phones. Without the powers of wechat,......Read More


The Four-Year-Old Bridge: Hongpo Homestay

Kate Gross-Whitaker, Participant

Wurong raced through the front yard, wielding his glimmering silver pot lid shield ahead of him. Giggling and climbing into his grandfather’s lap, he peeked out from around the edge of the shield at the brown haired girl in front of him, who’d......Read More


Because I’m Happy

Michael Garcia, Participant

When I entered the chaos of a new environment, I was shocked by how calm this new normal was. On my first day in our homestay in Hóngpó (红破), my most substantial contribution to my host family was the four bowls and pairs of chopsticks I set......Read More


First Impressions: An Ox’s Reflections

Michal Kozlowski (明浩杰), Participant

Alu (my host dad): Abu really wanted this guy! I was expecting more of an ox, if you know what I mean, but I guess he will do. I can’t wait to put this 外国人 (foreigner) to good use. We’re opening up our house but in return we expect some......Read More


The Stupa

Elizabeth Tong, Participant

September 24, 2018 Cool streams of water run over my hands and drop to my feet as I gently shake the strainer my Ajia handed to me. Slowly, I shift my weight from side to side and wonder where she has gone after motioning with her palm for me to......Read More


Re: Does Your Love Float?

Liam Seeley, Participant

Sometimes, as I might have expected, the mountains don’t have much to say. Their presence is enough in these moments, just as I hope is mine. But I’ve also learned that other times I just need a heap of patience and a desire to wake up at 4am to......Read More


Tocaña: Una Comunidad Afroboliviana

Nicole Martin, Participant

Yak of the Week

When we first arrived to Tocaña the only vestiges of human life were the paintings and pictures on the walls. I was admiring a picture of Bob Marley, Mick Jagger, and Peter Tosh, when Pulga, the first Tocañeno I met, came out. With his short......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Indonesia

Princeton Bridge Year Indonesia 2018-19


Back in Jogja

Gregory, Participant

Just a small note to inform whomever may be wondering… We have returned to Jogja and are enjoying some creature comforts in a delightful guesthouse not far from where our students will soon be calling home for the next 8 months. Currently we......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Indonesia

Princeton Bridge Year Indonesia 2018-19


Crying and Community

Esha Jain, Participant

One of the first texts I sent to my mom once I had wifi after our rural homestay in Nagasaribu was “My grandma cried when I left”.  Going into our first rural homestay I could not even begin to label the emotions I was feeling. Looking back I......Read More