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Princeton Bridge Year India 2018-19

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Heading to Uttarakhand!

Sarah, Uttara, and Hemant, Instructor

Dear family and friends, After a whirlwind train trip through Jaipur, we are heading up to the far North (Uttarakhand) for the next few weeks. During this time, we will have very limited access to our phones and devices. We hope you appreciate (as......Read More


Tom and Betty: An Evening Reflection

Bethelihem Tebase, Participant

Hi guys, welcome to the inaugural typecast of Tom and Betty. Unlike Tom and Jerry, or Ben and Jerry’s (Vermont’s finest), we have less violence and less calories, but are just as sweet a combination. Today we’re summarising our experience......Read More


Our first days in India

Sarah, Participant

A welcome with orange marigold malas. Exploring Lodi Gardens in Delhi and wandering through a cluster of Mughal-era tombs. An adventure through the nation’s capital in green and yellow autorickshaws. Learning how to eat dosas and idlis (and......Read More


A Few Photos from Orientation

Jenny, Dragons Admin

A few early group photos from the train ride to Udaipur and a note from on-site staff: “Today we had some great Orientation sessions, yoga, Hindi lesson, a hike around the premises of the retreat center, and Life Lessons with instructor......Read More

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Follow Us On The Yak Board! (A Note on...

Dragons Admin, Instructor

Dear Friends and Family of Bridge Year Participants, As this year’s Bridge Year Cohort sets foot in foreign lands and begins their journey for the next nine months, we wanted to update all the parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles,......Read More

WTBD Yaks from India

Princeton Bridge Year India 2018-19



Logan, Participant

Hi there! Logan here! Before starting college, I decided to join the US Army to fulfill my lifelong dream of a career dedicated to my country. Shortly after completing my military training, I enrolled in the Fire Academy in hopes to become a full......Read More


A Neither Brief nor Rambling Intro

Julia Garaffa, Participant

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Hi all, I’m Julia from Montgomery, NJ. Princeton is quite close to home, so I am extremely excited to be spending a year abroad. In my hometown, I attended a specialized school for......Read More


In my younger and more vulnerable years…

Lena Hoplamazian, Participant

I really wanted to begin this post with the Star Wars episodic introduction, but Joe stole it. C’mon Joe. But it’s totally fine, I have the Great Gatsby. My name is Lena Hoplamazian! I’m a proud Chicagoan, and despite living in the Midwest for......Read More


A Brief Intro

Leila Owens, Participant

Hello hello hello! I’m Leila from a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. I’m beyond excited about Bridge Year as I look forward to stepping(or leaping) out of my comfort zone. In my free time, you can find me trying new foods, playing tennis,......Read More


Our Updated September Itinerary!

Sarah Messner, Participant

Hi, everyone! We are in for quite an exciting first month in India: our journey will take us from the Aravali hills of Rajasthan up to the Himalayan range and back again. During our travels, we will slow down to connect with one another, set goals......Read More


Greetings from England!

Thomas Earl, Participant

Hello! My name is Tom, and I’m writing this introduction in the aftermath of UK A-Level results day. That means (rather peculiarly for the rest of you I believe) that I only just found out I can definitely come to Princeton and Bridge Year! Few! I......Read More


A Rambling Intro

Bethelihem Tebase, Participant

Hi, my name is Bethelihem Tebase, but I’m often called Betty, or, lamentably, Precious as my two older brothers would sarcastically hiss. Nowadays I secretly wish they’d tease me, not by evoking a legendary Ring, but by quoting St.......Read More