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Rice paddy terraces

Colorado Academy China

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Goodbyes from Beijing

Julie Farrell, Instructor

Our whirlwind few days in the Chinese capital included a toasty tour of the Forbidden City and an equally roasty hike up to the Great Wall. Fueled by ice cream, fresh watermelon and strong wills, the group has braved the Beijing heat with humor and......Read More

Terraced Rice Paddies seen on the Dragons China Gap Year Semester

Colorado Academy China


Homestay Lessons

Kayla, Participant

Last night I walked into my homestay bedroom and saw exactly what I was afraid of seeing: a massive spider on the wall right next to my bed. This was the largest spider I have ever seen in my life, and the night before this one it had stationed......Read More


The Real Farm Animals of Tibet

Anna Fucarino (feat. content from Kayla Wolins & Lily Brinker), Participant

Over the course of our homestay, me and a couple other of students have been naming all of the animals that reside in the village and have also given them intricate backstories. Our first animal (and one of our favorites) is a small pink piglet who......Read More


La Yue Village Homestays

Petal Niles, Instructor

Our second morning in La Yue Shan again saw trails of mist hugging the lush mountainside. From the stream at the bottom of the village we followed Yang Laoshi up the trails towards the clouds. We passed outcrops of rock roses, rhododendron not yet......Read More