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Naxi culture

Virginia Chandler, Participant

Today we explored Old Lijiang for the first time. We split into small groups, and took part in photography projects based on the articles each group was assigned. We talked to Naxi people, and each group delved deep into their topics. We came......Read More


Scavenger Hunt

Ali Zaidi, Participant

Setting out today Rose, Sammi, Courtney and I decided that if we did nothing else we were at least going to have fun. Energized by our Jikundo(Bruce Lee’s Style) training and power naps, we set out into the vast town of Kunming. The sidewalks were......Read More


Ni hao Kunming!

Courtney Kilduff, Participant

After arriving in Kunming early in the morning, our Dragons instructors lead us around the city to taste traditional street food. Then we all set out for a lesson in jeet kune do at Mr. and Mrs. Zeng’s music and martial arts school. Informative......Read More


Back in Beijing

Sammi Jacobs, Participant

Today was a travel day from Kunming to Beijing. Once we arrived in Beijing and checked into our hotel, we went to lunch and had great dumplings. After, we had a much needed rest time to help us recover from our early flight. Then, we had a meeting......Read More

Nueva Thailand


Avery’s Introduction

Avery, Participant

Hi everyone, as most of you know my name is Avery and I will be in 9th grade this fall. I enjoy playing volleyball, skiing, and reading. I am looking forward to the home stay and learning about how the people there live; specifically how they cook......Read More


Scavenger Hunt: Team “Pretty Little Friends”

Sydney Beverly, Participant

Hi, it’s Sydney here. Today we had a scavenger hunt and in my group was Morgan, Jasmine, and Ben. We had to find many different things. One in particular is that we had to watch or take a class at Dangsters, which is a dance class place. I......Read More


Exploring Angkor Wat

Jan Wolf, Participant

We piled into tuk-tuks at 4:30 AM, determined to experience the sunrise at Angkor Wat. Upon arrival, we settled on the steps of an ancient library to enjoy the view. It was a magical moment, watching the sky fade from a pale purple to light blue.......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

Norfolk Academy China


Scavenger Hunt

Kacey Cooper, Participant

Today, our group of Anthony, Guil, and Kacey ventured through the bustling city of Kunming on a scavenger hunt. We were given a list of objectives to complete. Our bolded objectives on the list were indicated as mandatory. We gave ourselves goals,......Read More


Goodbyes from Beijing

Julie Farrell, Instructor

Our whirlwind few days in the Chinese capital included a toasty tour of the Forbidden City and an equally roasty hike up to the Great Wall. Fueled by ice cream, fresh watermelon and strong wills, the group has braved the Beijing heat with humor and......Read More


More Photos from The Wall and Beijing

Simon, Dragons Admin

We had a peaceful and beautiful orientation phase with the Kou Family out on the Great Wall. In Beijing, we deepened the theme of “Center and Periphery” through the eye-opening and busy visits to Beijing’s key historical sites.......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

Trinity School China


Beijing Day 2

Julia, Participant

  Today we traveled up and down the Meridian Line of Beijing. We began our journey with some steamed buns in the morning, and then traveled to Tiananmen Square where we met our tour guide Susie. Susie provided an enlightening example of how......Read More


From The Heights of La Paz

Annika+James, Participant

Hola faithful followers! Sharing a hostel with “crunchy” backpackers from all over the world, we woke up to the hustle and bustle of Bolivia’s capital at 12,000 feet: La Paz. After a hearty breakfast of eggs, fresh fruit, Bolivian......Read More

Terraced Rice Paddies seen on the Dragons China Gap Year Semester

Colorado Academy China


Homestay Lessons

Kayla, Participant

Last night I walked into my homestay bedroom and saw exactly what I was afraid of seeing: a massive spider on the wall right next to my bed. This was the largest spider I have ever seen in my life, and the night before this one it had stationed......Read More