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A day in Nanyao

Morgan Aufenger, Participant

Today we had the morning to spend time with our family and help them around the field and around their home. Some of our families didn’t have work for us so they sent us to the field to pick plums. We used giant sticks to whack the plums off the......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

Norfolk Academy China


Pausing for reflection

Jasmine Brown, Participant

For me, today was one for reflection. Although there was misinterpreted body language, we put away our differences and truly bonded with meaningful conversations about the day before, but that is just my opinion. But more interestingly, we went to......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

Trinity School China


First Day in China

Andrew, Participant

Today we had our first adventure into the Chinese wilderness. From our “hotel” in a remote town three hours away from Beijing, we hiked nearly two hours to reach a secluded spot on the Great Wall. The Wall was old, crumbling, and overgrown with......Read More


First full day in Nanyaocun

Courtney Kilduff, Participant

Today we all woke up in our home stay families for an early breakfast and then set out to meet with the rest of our group. We reconnected at the house where our directors are staying, and our meeting here consisted of reflections over the previous......Read More


Risk it for the biscuit

Jessie Robinson, Participant

Orientation is a critically important part of any Dragons course. It’s our time as a group to come together and intentionally set the tone for the rest of the trip. In reflecting on the last couple days, we wanted to share some words that......Read More


Orientation day 1

Simon, Dragons Admin

I received a quick update that the group had a great first day doing container building activities and orientation. More student yaks to come....Read More


Orientation and Group Container Building in...

Joseph and Rosalyn, Instructor

As we moved through our first day of orientation today, students created visual mosaics of goals with sidewalk chalk. We’re spending intentional time in these early days to frame the course, connect in new ways, and align our hopes and......Read More


The Real Farm Animals of Tibet

Anna Fucarino (feat. content from Kayla Wolins & Lily Brinker), Participant

Over the course of our homestay, me and a couple other of students have been naming all of the animals that reside in the village and have also given them intricate backstories. Our first animal (and one of our favorites) is a small pink piglet who......Read More

Haverford Cambodia


Cambodia Tuesday, June 19

George Lanchoney, Participant

It was a nice and relatively relaxed day in Battambang today. We began the day with some fruit shakes and pancakes at a nearby restaurant, then some writing about a day in the life of a random person on the street. After that, we went on a scavenger......Read More


Arrived and Safe – headed to the...

Simon, Dragons Admin

Hello!   Our group arrived safe and sound into La Paz in the pre-dawn hours. They’ve successfully cleared customs, immigration, and are headed to the beautiful verdant foothills of the Andes, known as the Yungas where they’ll settle......Read More


La Yue Village Homestays

Petal Niles, Instructor

Our second morning in La Yue Shan again saw trails of mist hugging the lush mountainside. From the stream at the bottom of the village we followed Yang Laoshi up the trails towards the clouds. We passed outcrops of rock roses, rhododendron not yet......Read More


Home stays in Nanyao

Natasha Naujoks, Participant

This afternoon we enjoyed a warm welcome from our home stay families in Nanyaocun! We’re looking forward to spending the next three days with them and exploring the village....Read More


Meeting my home stay family

Rose Steingold, Participant

Today we started off the day with a meeting about the cultural etiquette of the homestay village. Then we began the last part of our hike downhill to the bus. We arrived at the homestay village and dispersed to our respective families and had an......Read More