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Dragon Drivers

Ben Hokenson, Participant

Today the Fords crusaded along the highway as we cruised through Cambodia bound for our next destination. Along the way, we observed our surroundings passing by small homes, flowing rivers, and various people going about their daily lives. In the......Read More


Day 6

Khalil Bland, Dragons Admin

On the sixth day of our Cambodian trip we had a range of good experiences. It started off with a few group members waking up early than expected because their clocks were off and coming to the camp early. They helped the clean up because the had......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

Norfolk Academy China


My Trip to China so far…

Anthony Asuncion, Participant

For the past couple of days, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to stay with my exchange pal, Stig. He and his family have been so welcoming, providing me with a place to sleep, a warming household, and lots of food and drink to consume. Stig’s......Read More


Wuthering the Heights

Ali Zaidi, Participant

         Sometimes when faced with a large obstacle we shut down. Panic mode is activated and all rational thought goes out the window. We become unreceptive to all things both good and bad. Hiking through the Tiger Leaping Gorge could have......Read More


¡Hasta Pronto!

Britten Ferguson, Participant

And just like that, I have found myself dropped into a completely new world – one that’s so far removed from my life in Denver. Wonderfully wild and untamed La Paz is impossible to describe without seeing for yourself. The aperture of my......Read More

Terraced Rice Paddies seen on the Dragons China Gap Year Semester

Colorado Academy China


The Trip So Far

Lily Brinker, Participant

The first handful of days in China have all been busy and extremely interesting. Our visit to the school in Chengdu was eventful, and despite us only being there for a short time, the entirety of our experience has been great so far. On top of......Read More


Photos From Tiger Leaping Gorge

Mark Lumley, Participant

Hi All,   The group hiked the first part of Tiger Leaping Gorge today to arrive at the Naxi Family guesthouse. We are now situated here for the night in truly stunning surroundings with Jade Dragon Mountain looming over the guesthouse across......Read More


Hike to Chambak Waterfall

George Lanchoney, Participant

Today was a very exciting day that consisted of card games, swimming, and hiking. The morning started off slow with some rain, but we were eventually able to begin our hike. Along the way to the waterfalls, we saw many cool animals like giant......Read More

Terraced Rice Paddies seen on the Dragons China Gap Year Semester

Colorado Academy China


School Stay Reflection

Sean Paton, Participant

Hello everybody, we’ve had some very interesting experiences in China so far. One of those experiences was at a local Chinese boarding school, “Hua Shang”. It’s a school that brings in kids from the country side and from rural communities......Read More


First leg of Tiger Leaping Gorge

Sofia Wachtmeister, Participant

Waking up this early morning, we ate a delicious Chinese style breakfast. It was tasty but quick because we had to save time to get to know our instructors and the Where There be Dragons Program. After a fun morning of name games and orientation......Read More


Norfolk Academy Dragons in Lijiang

Luke and Mark, Instructor

Fresh faces on a sunny morning in Lijiang! We’re stoked to have our Norfolk Academy friends here in this remote region of Northwestern Yunnan Province. Tiger Leaping Gorge and Nanyaocun await us!   Luke, Mark and the Dragons Community...Read More

Haverford Cambodia


The Killing Fields

Sunny Yu, Participant

“If the price to sacrifice innocence, then there is no god, no reason, no truth, and no life.” This was a quote we found at S21. Haverford visited the S21, which is a POW camp, and the killing fields. We learned a dark part of Cambodian......Read More


My Host Family

Sammi Jacobs, Participant

Today was our travel day from Beijing to Lijiang so we spent most of our time either on a plane or in an airport. As we transition from the first week of our trip in Beijing to a much more rural part of China, we reviewed our goals that we had set......Read More


Chambok Ecotourism Community Stay

Mara and Jan, Instructor

We have arrived here at Chambok Ecotourism Community. This community was a National Geographic World Legacy award finalist in 2017. The community is located at Kirirom National Park. As we arrived, we were welcomed to the community by traditional......Read More


Goodbye Huashang, Hello Hot Pot

Simon, Dragons Admin

After saying goodbye to Huashang this morning the group returned to Chengdu. The students explored People’s Park and got to try hot pot for the first time. Finally, lead panda researcher Jake Owens talked with us about his work and the biology of......Read More