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Safe Departure

Kai Van Bodhi, Instructor

After 10 days that felt at times like minutes and at times like months, the VMS China Students are safely on their way to LAX.  We had an exciting last night sharing a spicy hotpot and tasting exotic foods after which we closed the experience with......Read More


Photos from Lijiang

Instructors, Participant

Some images from the historic world heritage site of Lijiang. Happy Chinese New Year!...Read More


Navigating Buddhist Temples

Jagger Fugate, Participant

We started the day with and early rise at 5:30 A.M., to find our Nai Nai(Grandmother) already making us a breakfast. She was making us a delicious soup with egg and chopped up bits of sausage. After slamming down as much as humanly possible, we......Read More


Train to the North

Andrea & Matt, Participant

To end our third day the group had the opportunity to be able to ride on an over night train. When we entered the Kunming train station, group decided to put our bags down in order to get ready for the new journey ahead. Some decided to stay by the......Read More


Enlightened Athletes

Matt Biggers, Participant

After our hike to the temple and taking the silk road back down to civilization, the group stopped to eat some noodles. While eating our noodles, we found a xiao peng you (little friend) that happened to be a monk. He and his other monk friends......Read More