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Greetings from Sani Widowati

Sani Widowati, Bridge Year Indonesia On-Site Director, Instructor

Hello Bridge Year Indonesia Students! Welcome… I’m so excited to know you, work with you, introduce you to my country Indonesia. Let me introduce my self: My name is Sani Widowati; people usually just call me Sani. I was born and raised here in......Read More



Luz Victoria, Participant

My name is Luz Victoria and the focus of my life to this point has been community service. From a very young age I attended political rallies, admired the adults who gave powerful speeches to the working class families that lived in my community of......Read More


Greetings Team Indonesia!

Olivia Werby, Participant

Welcome team BYP Indonesia! I hope that this note of introduction finds each of you enjoying the final weeks of summer and the company of loved ones. I am sure that like mine, your minds are beginning to wander across oceans – that you are finding......Read More


China Waits!

Jesse Millett, Participant

It’s time to take a break from everything we’ve known and been expected to do. It’s time to open our minds to exploration. Over the next year I will be accompanying you on a journey that will broaden your perspective, nourish your......Read More


Khamma Ghani!

Neerav Yadav, Participant

Khamma Ghani (Greetings in Rajasthani language), Namaste (Greetings in Hindi) and Hello from Udaipur!! I am writing you all from the historic and beautiful city of Udaipur where you will find your new home, new families and friends waiting for you......Read More


Greetings from Babacar

Babacar Mbaye, Instructor

I’m writing this letter to introduce myself. I’m your Bridge Year Senegal Onsite Director and my name is Babacar Mbaye. I would like to start this personal introduction by talking about my grandparents. All four of my grandparents have made......Read More


Greetings from Catherine

Catherine Pitt, Participant

Salaam Aleikum! It is wonderful that you are part of this year’s Novogratz Bridge Year group! My name is Catherine and I’m one of your Onsite Directors on the BYSenegal program. I’m excited that you are coming to Senegal and look forward to......Read More

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Welcome to your Bridge Year Yak Board

Jenny, Dragons Admin

Welcome to your Bridge Year Yak Board! As you’ll soon discover, this group blog and message board is a valuable forum for: Introductions by staff and participants Addressing all questions regarding packing and trip preparation Posting live updates......Read More