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WTBD Yaks from India

Princeton Novogratz Bridge Year India 2019-20


Buddhism in Dharamsala

Sijbren, Participant

Throughout our time in McLeod Ganj we were introduced to Buddhism and Buddhist thinking. As the current home of the Dalai Lama, McLeod ganj is the center of Tibetan Buddhism. We had the opportunity to meet two Rinpoches, which translates to......Read More


Dharamsala Homestays

Max W., Participant

Meat. The intoxicating scent of fried mutton and chicken momos wafted through the narrow streets of Mcleodganj, a proverbial North Star to guide the iron- and vitamin B12-deficient members of the India cohort to the promised land of milk and honey......Read More


McLeod Ganj

Anna P, Participant

On our first full day in Dharmsala, we went to the Tibet freedom museum, which details the history of Chin’as attack and subsequent occupation of the Tibetan plateau. We wandered through rooms papered with the stories of Tibetan refugees. An......Read More


Terrific Trekking

Theo Knoll, Participant

We have lived in Bolivia for almost four weeks now, and throughout our time here we have learned much from the people around us. Our Spanish teachers showed us how to navigate the winding intricacies of a foreign language; our El Alto host families......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Senegal

Princeton Novogratz Bridge Year Senegal 2019-20


Photos from Ndioukhane

Jenny, Dragons Admin

Enjoy these photos from the cohort’s time in Ndioukhane, a small village outside of Thies. Ndioukhane is a wonderful, vibrant host community that is hosting the group for a “learning service intensive”....Read More

WTBD Yaks from Bolivia

Princeton Novogratz Bridge Year Bolivia 2019-20


Poetry and Passion in La Paz

Joseph, Liv, Kat, Mia, Participant

An Acrostic L unch of soup and chicken and steripenning our lemonade A sking locals for directions and retracing our steps P urchasing incense and coca and florida water A ltitude lifting our spirits and draining our lungs Z ooming through these......Read More


Lessons from the Tower

Magnus von Ziegesar and Maddie Lausted, Participant

As indicated by our last post, our time in Mouit will likely be remembered by each of us as our time in the tower. It’s where our lessons and lectures were held—diving deep into the many different types of pronouns and verbs of Wolof (no......Read More


Dining in China

Lauren Aung, Participant

Before you start eating dinner with others in China, a few preliminary steps must be taken: all rice bowls should be filled, everyone must be seated, and you should offer the people sitting next to you (and even better, across from you) food before......Read More