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Photo by Kate Gross-Whitaker

Princeton Novogratz Bridge Year China 2019-20

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Jesus Arroyo, Participant

Hello everyone. My name is Jesus Arroyo and I come from La Puente California, just a few miles from LA. I grew up in a family of eight with my parents, three older brothers, and two younger sisters. My childhood was filled with trips to our......Read More


First Yak

Julia Zhou, Participant

Hello! My name is Julia Zhou and I’m from Herndon, Virginia, a suburb of DC. I’ve lived all along the east coast, plus a brief stint with my grandparents in Nanjing. My grandparents, not knowing English, were very adamant that I grow up......Read More



Benjamin Small, Participant

Hi! My name is Ben Small. I’m from West Hartford, Connecticut. I’ve studied Chinese for quite a few years, but I’m really looking forward to learning more and to being immersed in all of the tradition and history China has in store.  I’m......Read More



Saumya Malik, Participant

Hi! My name is Saumya Malik, and I am from Princeton, New Jersey. I have lived here my whole life, but most of my extended family lives in India. I  visit them fairly often and have in the process developed a strong Indian identity. I really......Read More


first post/introduction

Chris Johnston, Participant

Hello! I’m Chris Johnston and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. While I’ve already had the great opportunity to explore unique parts of the world, having lived in a rather isolated part of the country my whole life, I’ve been......Read More



Svetlana Johnson, Participant

Hi there! My name is Svetlana Johnson and I am super excited to be going on this amazing journey with all of you. My family is originally from the West Indies, but we moved to the US when I was four, so I’ve spent most of my life in South......Read More


Intro Yak!

Lauren Aung, Participant

Hello! My name is Lauren Aung, and I’m from Austin, Texas. While I was born and raised in Texas, my paternal ancestors lived in Yunnan for over 500 years. Our hometown, Tengchong, is just an hour by plane from Kunming. I hope that this year helps......Read More


Greetings from Ling

Ling Zhao, Participant

Da Jia Hao, This is Ling from China, and I will be accompanying you for 2019-2020 Bridge Year, I can’t wait to meet all of you! I was born and raised in Chengdu, a major city in the southwest of China. I’m an only child, 玲(Ling) is my......Read More



Luz Victoria, Participant

My name is Luz Victoria and the focus of my life to this point has been community service. From a very young age I attended political rallies, admired the adults who gave powerful speeches to the working class families that lived in my community of......Read More


China Waits!

Jesse Millett, Participant

It’s time to take a break from everything we’ve known and been expected to do. It’s time to open our minds to exploration. Over the next year I will be accompanying you on a journey that will broaden your perspective, nourish your......Read More

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Welcome to your Bridge Year Yak Board

Jenny, Dragons Admin

Welcome to your Bridge Year Yak Board! As you’ll soon discover, this group blog and message board is a valuable forum for: Introductions by staff and participants Addressing all questions regarding packing and trip preparation Posting live updates......Read More