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Photo by Caleb Brooks

Princeton Novogratz Bridge Year India 2019-20

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Hello World!

Tejas, Participant

Luscious greenery, the incessant chirping of birds, the horn of delayed trains, and the sound of trucks on I-78. Welcome to North Jersey, my home! Hi, I’m Tejas. I’m really excited to see you all tomorrow (wow, I posted this late)! I......Read More


A Pack(ed) Yak!

Sarah, Participant

Tashi Delek, Julley, Khamma Ghani, As-salaam Alaikum, Namaste dear Dragons- Our travel dates are getting closer. Are you getting excited? (We are!) There is one thing that always comes up — something that everyone ponders in circles at some......Read More


Hey Everyone!!!

Sijbren, Participant

One of my passions is creative writing so theoretically this Yak plays to my strengths…well, at least you’ll see the difference between being passionate about something and being good at it. Hi! I’m Sijbren. My Dad is Dutch-American and my......Read More


A bit about me

Max Widmann, Participant

Hello! My name is Max, and I’m from Westchester County, New York. I was born in Ohio and lived for several years in Missouri, but I’ve been a NY resident for most of my life. I’m writing this on a cool Saturday morning as I sit on my front......Read More

WTBD Yaks from India

Princeton Novogratz Bridge Year India 2019-20


Yak Numero Uno: Intro

Fernando, Participant

Alright so it has not hit me yet that we’re leaving for India in less than 3 weeks. That’s insane and I am extremely pumped but also a bit nervous because I have yet to find a way of getting nine month’s worth of malaria pills for......Read More


See You Soon!

Pia DiCenzo, Participant

Hello!!  My name is Pia DiCenzo and I hail from Charlotte, North Carolina.  Having lived in Charlotte my whole life, I have been able to witness the evolution of the city (it’s the third fastest growing city in the US!), especially in most......Read More



Sydney Eck, Participant

Hey there everyone! My name is Sydney Eck, and I hail from Denver, Colorado. I am really excited we will be spending time in the mountains/ will be able to see them while in Udaipur because they have always been a staple in my life (or at least a......Read More


Introductory Yak

Anna Pinkerton, Participant

Hi! My name is Anna Pinkerton and I’m from Chevy Chase, Maryland. I’ve lived here my whole life, with the exception of my sophomore year which I spent in Landgrove, Vermont. In Vermont, I participated in an environmental program called Mountain......Read More


Khamma Ghani!

Neerav Yadav, Participant

Khamma Ghani (Greetings in Rajasthani language), Namaste (Greetings in Hindi) and Hello from Udaipur!! I am writing you all from the historic and beautiful city of Udaipur where you will find your new home, new families and friends waiting for you......Read More

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Welcome to your Bridge Year Yak Board

Jenny, Dragons Admin

Welcome to your Bridge Year Yak Board! As you’ll soon discover, this group blog and message board is a valuable forum for: Introductions by staff and participants Addressing all questions regarding packing and trip preparation Posting live updates......Read More