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Marieme Barry, Participant

Hi all! My name is Marieme Barry and I’m a senior day student at Milton Academy from Boston, Massachusetts. I’m a dancer, game show enthusiast, and I WILL beat you at UNO, Monopoly, or chess. I’ve taken French for over 6 years at Milton, but......Read More



Malia Chung, Participant

Hello! My name is Malia. I can’t wait to meet all of you! Like some other students on the trip, I am also a day student at Milton Academy, but since my parents both teach at Milton, I live right on the edge of school campus with my two sisters. At......Read More



JOSHUA EMMOTT, Participant

Welcome to Milton’s third class trip to Jordan!  I have been teaching at Milton academy for the past 14 years in the History Department.  Four years ago I went on my first Dragons’ trip to Jordan with a group of teachers from......Read More



Jill Pollon, Participant

Hi everyone! I’m Jill and I’m from a tiny town outside of Pittsburgh. I’m a junior at Sewickley Academy where I’ve been going since 8th grade. AP Chem, Spanish, and Modern Middle East are some of my favorite classes I have taken. I am......Read More


Hello from Pgh!

Michael-Ann Cerniglia, Participant

Hello, everyone!  I am Ms. Cerniglia, a history teacher from Sewickley Academy. This will be my third time to Jordan and the last time I was there was in 2016 with Dragons, Mr. Emmott, and five other teachers from across the country. It was an......Read More


Looking ahead at our course!

Elley, Participant

Hi everyone – Thanks to those who have posted their introduction yaks! We are so excited to meet you! And while we wait for everyone else, we wanted to look ahead at our course so you know where we’re headed…! Our journey to Jordan......Read More



Rachel Ding, Participant

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I am a senior at Milton Academy. I come from Vancouver, Canada (best place ever), so I currently reside in my dorm Millet House. I’ve lived in China, Canada, and the United States. At Milton Academy, I......Read More


Hello Everyone!

Esteban Gutierrez, Participant

Hi everyone! My name is Esteban. I’m currently a senior at Milton and a life-long Bostonian. My parents both emigrated from Colombia to the United States over twenty years ago, so I speak both English and Spanish fluently. I’m really......Read More


Self Into

Willa DuBois, Participant

Hello! My name is Willa and I was born and raised in Manhattan. I’m now a boarder at Milton Academy where I am a junior. I’m really interested in history, and I took Mr. Emmott’s History of the Middle East class last semester and......Read More



Caroline, Participant

Hi everyone! My name is Caroline, my family is from NYC and moved to Pittsburgh when I was little. I love field hockey and have been playing for 7 years, I’ve even been to Amsterdam to play internationally. I’m really passionate about writing,......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Jordan

Milton-Sewickley Jordan


A brief note on the course technology policy

James Bowker, Participant

Hey all, It is possible that your Mr. Emmot or Ms. Cernigilia have already brought this up with you, so apologies if it is a rehash. I just wanted to take a chance to formally introduce you to Dragons’ policy regarding technology on course. Part......Read More


Self introduction

Olivia Wang, Participant

Hi! My name is Olivia. I was born in San Francisco and moved to Shanghai at the age of one. Now, I am a junior attending boarding school in Milton, Massachusetts. Currently, my favorite classes in school are biology and economics. Some of my other......Read More



James BOwker, Participant

Howdy gang, This is James, the other half of the Where the be Dragons instructor duo accompanying you during your time in Jordan. I am eager to get to know you all, and for you all to get to know the different peoples and places that make up Jordan.......Read More


مربحا! MarHaba!

Elley Cannon, Participant

MarHaba everyone! Hello! My name is Elley and I will be one of your instructors on our trip to Jordan this March! I can’t wait to meet you all – in just under one month! This is my third time leading a trip with Mr. Emmott and it’s......Read More