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Moulay Idriss Zerhoun

Badr and Shino, Instructor

We arrived in Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, a historic city in Morocco, to a big delicious meal. We got to try eating in the Moroccan style for the first time, with bread as our utensils. Our hotel is very traditional, with vibrant colors and many communal......Read More


Bienvenue au Maroc

Shino and Badr , Instructor

We are here! Everyone is stoked for the journey to come and we are on our way to Moulay Isriss Zerhoun. More to come as we get into our orientation time together!...Read More

WTBD Yaks from Morocco

Lawrenceville Morocco


Arrived in Morocco!

Shino, Instructor

The group has arrived in Morocco! They seem in good spirits and ready to go. We are now in our bus to our orientation site in Moulay Idriss Zerhoun....Read More


Arrived in Kunming!

LizW, Dragons Admin

The group has landed in Kunming and is continuing their journey in the city of eternal spring. We look forward to hearing more from them soon!...Read More


The Beijing National Day School

Michael Volpi, Participant

Yesterday, we headed out to the Beijing National Day School. Once we arrived, we were greeted warmly by a group of teachers and students who showed us around their school. Each floor contained many interesting, but significant classrooms that......Read More


The city of light

Regina, Instructor

We have successfully made our way through one of the worlds largest metropolitan areas along twenty hours of Indian railway to the city of light-Varanasi. After settling into our ashram stay we will continue our orientation and take time to explore......Read More


Looking back on the past two weeks

Erik Vincent , Instructor

Dear families, The past two weeks in Bolivia have been some of the most meaningful in my time at HIES. The chance to take our students out of the classroom and expose them to a different culture is a privilege that I’m very grateful for. In my......Read More


Beijing Picts

Andrew Poolman, Instructor

Here are a few images of our amazing time in Beijing thus far.  ...Read More


(Don’t) Spill the Cha

Blake Brown, Participant

After a morning filled with games and Snickers, we settled down for an unforgettable tea experience. Not only were we taught all of the tea jargon, including the names of the instruments, but also the process of how to make the perfect cup. This......Read More



Chelsea Muir, Participant

We are so excited to begin this journey with you all! Here is additional information on our itinerary, as well as the theme, or Focus of Inquiry, of our trip. Please feel free reach out to Katie and Kelly, Chelsea and Julio, or Liz and Simon if you......Read More


Exploring Delhi

Regina Kruglyak, Participant

While dealing with the inevitable jetlag, we explored Delhi to the best of our abilities. We bought traditional clothing, ate south Indian food, meandered the busy streets of Canought Place and rode in tuk tuks to the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara. While......Read More


Homestay weekend

Blake Brown, Participant

Previous to my arrival at Beijing, Rose had informed me of the little English her dad speaks and the absolute zero her mom knows. At the airport, Rose’s mom and I exchanged a simple “ni hao” with each other, after which Rose served as a......Read More


Homestay weekend

Allie Kapuchuck, Participant

Where There Be Dragons is an experience that forces you to step out of your comfort zone and into the learning zone. Of course when you’re pushed out of your comfort zone, you do things that make you uncomfortable. I’ve been trying to cope with......Read More


A day in the life of Beijing 101

Christopher Asuncion, Participant

On Tuesday, we got to experience the class dynamic as we shadowed our students as they went through their classes until lunch. I found it very funny to see most of the class not actually participating in class. Some were playing games on their......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

Norfolk Academy China


Homestay weekend

Jack Lynch, Participant

My host-student is named Chauncey and his family lives in the inner city of Beijing. Chauncey’s family is extremely kind and caring toward me. They live in an apartment building on the 12th floor. Each floor is a single apartment room; as soon as......Read More


Saturday in Beijing

Sidney Jordan, Participant

On Saturday we split into two groups to explore Beijing. One group travelled to the Forbidden City and the Beijing Zoo, while the other went to a Hutong and a lake. In the Forbidden City, it was super crowded! Five of us and our hosts met up inside......Read More