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Hello from Ming!

Ming Jiu Li, Participant

Dear Norfolk travelers, teachers, parents, and friends, Hello! My name is Ming, and I’ll be one of the Dragons instructors on this summer’s Norfolk China program. I hope the group has had a smooth arrival into Beijing, where I am currently based......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

Haverford China



Agustin A., Participant

My first post. I just finished finals: now to pack my bags....Read More



Aditya Shrestha, Instructor

Hello fellow travelers, I am writing to you all from Kalimpong, a small Himalayan town nestled on a ridge at an altitude of 4,800 ft in West Bengal, India. It is a pleasure to be traveling with you all in India this June. It takes a lot to step out......Read More


Yunnan Awaits!

Mark Lumley, Instructor

“There is wisdom in turning as often as possible from the familiar to the unfamiliar; it keeps the mind nimble; it kills prejudice, and it fosters humor.” Romantic poets inaugurated an era of travel because they were the great apostles of open......Read More


See you soon in Beijing!

Nina and Gong, Instructor

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon for our adventure in China!  Gong and I are eagerly awaiting you in Beijing. We can’t wait to show you the Great Wall and introduce you to our friends there, the Kou family.  We have so many......Read More


Rachel’s & Logan’s Yaks

Rachel, Participant

Hey family! This is Rachel. Feels like forever since I’ve last communicated with y’all! I feel like I have already grown a lot spiritually, mentally, hopefully not too much physically… lol. I learned that here in Bolivia, almost every meal......Read More


Tiquipaya and Cochabamba

Whitney Meadows, Participant

Hola Yak families! Caroline here. Today we explored the largest indoor market of all the Americas in Cochabamba with the help of our lovely Spanish teachers. My group was the least-experienced in the Spanish language, so we enjoyed learning the......Read More



Daisy Galgon, Participant

Hello, my name is Daisy and I am one of two rising sophomores on the trip. In the picture above, I am on the right, next to my younger sister Maria. I am from Seattle Washington where I grew up in the city with my three sisters, Edel (20), Libby......Read More


A few kudos

Mr. Vincent and Mr. Yarsawich, Instructor

Dear students, As we pass the midpoint of our course, Mr. Yarsawich and I want to offer a few personal notes (kudos) to each of you. We’ve enjoyed spending the last week with you and look forward to these last days in Tiquipaya and our time ahead......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Bolivia

HIES Bolivia


Greetings from Tiquipaya!

Yolanda, Instructor

Hi After a 7-hour, over-night bus ride, yesterday, we arrived to Tiquipaya tired, hungry and nervous about our home-stays. What would our families be like? Will we like the food? Do they have children? Animals? Are their bathrooms indoors or......Read More


Snapshots: Life in Tiquipaya

Whitney, Participant

We began our learning in Tiquipaya yesterday with Spanish lessons. We put that into real practice today exploring the largest indoor market in the Americas in Cochabamba. Students are spending the afternoon exploring weaving, cooking, or music. (The......Read More


Hello :)

Molly Silberberg, Participant

Hi! My name is Molly (on the right), and as you probably know I am a rising junior at Thacher. I am so excited to share this experience with you all, and form new connections to people and places. I am originally from Jackson, Wyoming, but have been......Read More



Will Harding, Participant

Hello, everyone! I’m Will, a rising senior at Thacher and, as Uncle Jake pointed out, the only male student on this trip.  I’m from Kentfield, California (just north of San Francisco), where I live with my parents, my sister Lily, and......Read More


Meeting me (Lizbeth)

Lizbeth A Velasco, Participant

Hi Regina, My name is Lizbeth, some basic info about me is – I originally live in New Jersey, – I love animals which is good because I want to be a veterinarian, and – I like to sing so there might be a lot of singing during the......Read More


Introduction: Victoria Gutierrez

Victoria Gutierrez, Participant

Hello, My name is Victoria Gutierrez and I attend The Thacher School. I live in Los Angeles, California with my mom, dad, brother and two dogs. At Thacher, I run cross country, I play on the girls varsity basketball team, and have just somewhat......Read More