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Last night at the Dead Sea

Kevin Witkow, Instructor

Hello from the Dead Sea! We took a bus from Tweisi this morning and spent the day floating in the Dead Sea, getting some rest, showering, and enjoying our last day together. Tonight we will do a short transference program before closing off our......Read More



Claire Bennett, Participant

We concluded our trip in Cambodia with a period of reflection that we call “transference”. The photo shows our last evening activity, sharing our lopes and goals. We decided to write a yak post all together anonymously, answering three......Read More


Chuab knea pel krow

Claire and Yut, Participant

Appleby Cambodia students are in the air! Here we all are feeling bittersweet at the airport. Instead of a goodbye, which felt too final to say, we parted ways with a “chuab knea pel krow” (see you later)!...Read More

WTBD Yaks from India

Springside Chestnut Hill India


On the way to the Himalayas

Caroline & Nayah, Participant

We are on a train to Uttarakhand to celebrate Holi in the Himalayas. We have been traveling since Monday night at 8 p.m. Though we are tired, we are extremely excited to watch India unfold in front of us. We started our day walking through jampacked......Read More

WTBD Yaks from India

Friends Seminary South India


A Happy Group in Goa

LizW, Dragons Admin

Hello friends and family, We have received word that the group had a fantastic day exploring Old Goa with their host, David.  Everyone is doing well and spirits are high!  We look forward to more updates soon....Read More


The Group Has Arrived!

LizW, Dragons Admin

Debi and Hemant have welcomed the SCH group to India!  They will transition quickly from the airport to the train station where they will head up to the mountains for the first few days of their program.  We look forward to hearing more once they......Read More


Picture of the day

Mohammad Alabbadi, Participant

The students stood tall when confonted with the challenges of the Bedouin lifestyle in the village of Tweiseh like champs, so we thought we could award ourselves with a fun camel ride ! Stay tuned for more to come 🙂...Read More


Day 3 Update

Lucie & Joseph, Participant

Our third day in Beijing was spent visiting the Forbidden City and learning about the lives of emperors. By 7:00 we were all ready to head to a delicious breakfast at a local restaurant. Everyone thought that the noodles and fried bread there were......Read More


Day 2 Update

Austin, Participant

Looking back at our second day in China, and first day in Beijing, I remember all of the fun and exciting activities that we have done. However, it wasn’t the activities that struck me as the most interesting for today.  Sure, we visited......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Cambodia

Appleby College Cambodia


The best birthday

Ariana Sharma, Participant

Today I woke up at 6am, super early, but I couldn’t go back to sleep. Lots of people remembered it was my birthday which made me really happy, and a bunch of people sang “happy birthday” to me too. After breakfast we all went back......Read More


A sampling of photos

LizW, Dragons Admin

The group has just settled in for an overnight train ride on the Mangalore Express and are on their way to Goa. Here are some images from their time in Mumbai and on the train!...Read More


Notes from Tweisi

Dragons Instructors, Instructor

Greetings from Tweisi! Students are now settled into their new homes and enjoying meeting and learning from their homestay families. After a beautiful night in Wadi Rum, we arrived yesterday early afternoon and the students met their families. They......Read More


Finca La Protectora

Shalimar, Participant

Yesterday was such an awesome day! We started the day right with a classic Dominican breakfast: mangú con los tres golpes, which consisted of mashed plantains with onions that were soaked in vinegar, fried cheese and fried eggs. We also had a bunch......Read More


Morning moment #1

Bram Hubbell, Instructor

Often my favorite moments in India occur early in the morning. The sleep is still in your eyes, I toss on some clothes and wander out into the streets before India becomes a beautifully loud symphony of noise. I search for a chaiwalla hoping to get......Read More