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Wyatt, Participant

Hello Everyone! My name is Wyatt (he/him/his). I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and getting out to Payahuunadü in the Sierras in a few weeks. I’m fortunate enough to have been invited to join the HIES team on this wonderful......Read More


Hello, and what’s your story?

Bradford, Participant

I wonder what you are each thinking this trip will be about… Did you come to be outside in the natural world? To get a new look at where you fit in to the history of this land? To learn more about yourself? To get away from something else in life......Read More


Greetings !!!

Jac Kovarik, Participant

Hello, participants of the 2021 HIES Payahuunadü course! I am SOOO excited to meet  you all, and it is coming up right around the corner!! A little about myself — my name is Jac and I go by they/she pronouns. I am vegetarian and love biking,......Read More


Introduction Letter from Jenny

Jenny Wagner, Participant

Greetings to you and your families! My name is Jenny (she/her/s) and I will be one of your instructors (alongside Jac, Bradford, and Liz) this summer during our time together in Payahuunadu (“place of flowing water”), a beautiful valley that I......Read More



Simon, Dragons Admin

Greetings, HIES! It’s exciting to introduce you all to the HIES and Where There Be Dragons Yak Board for the upcoming course, “The Sacred Valley of the Payahuunadü”! In just a few weeks, you’ll trade the noisy streets of Atlanta for......Read More