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Lxs Instructorxs, Participant

Queridxs estudiantes We hope you are doing well and getting excited for our journey in The Andes! After our (Instructors) personal introduction Yaks now it’s your turn! We want to start getting to know you better. Before we meet in Chile in a few......Read More


New Journey Begins

Shuier Zhang, Participant

We are happy to report that both of our students for 2020 Independent Spring Semester in China have arrived in Kunming. In the picture, Regina and Eva are being oriented to the program. In the next two days, they will be meeting with their Chinese......Read More



Woodsie, Participant

Hi all, my name is Woodsie. I just graduated from high school last May. I’m 18, and I live in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. What I love about Maine is it has everything… Oceans and lakes, mountains to climb ski and bike, islands all over to......Read More


Technology Policy

Instructor Team, Instructor

Greetings Students, Technology can be amazing. It has the ability to connect people in the most remote parts of the world, to spread ideas and to inspire us. However, we’re sure you’ve seen the ugly side of technology as well. Tools like......Read More



Juancho Galich, Participant

Hola Dragones! This is Zoe and her first photo in Guatemala. In the background you can see Fuego and Acatenango volcanoes. Directly above her shoulder there is a big coffee plantation, and if you zoom in and try to make sense of the pixels above the......Read More



Serena, Participant

Greetings from the Great Lakes State! My name is Serena Varner and I am beyond pumped to share in this adventure with you all. I’m from Ypsilanti, Michigan but have spent the past two years at college in Providence, Rhode Island. I’m 20......Read More


Yaking about packing

Instructor Team, Instructor

Saludos Dragons students y familias! Welcome to the great adventurous pre-adventure mission of packing! As seasoned veterans of South American travel (and really, travel in general), we’ve all been in your shoes. The mantra for our trip is......Read More


Technology Yak

Henry Van Damme, Instructor

Greetings Students, You know that rectangular device you carry around in your pocket all day? The same one you pat your legs incessantly when you forget it at home? Well as you are probably aware, this device known as the “smartphone” will not......Read More



M.E., Participant

Hi! My name is Marie Elizabeth, but most people call me by my initials M.E. I just graduated high school early and will be studying microbiology and neurology at Montana State University in Bozeman in the fall. I have lived in Cody, WY all of my......Read More



Taylor, Participant

Hi, I’m Taylor! I’m from The Cayman Islands which are 3 small Islands in the Caribbean just south of Cuba. I live on the biggest Island, Grand Cayman (it’s still tiny though). I am 18 years old and just graduated from my boarding school in......Read More