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WTBD Yaks from Senegal

West Africa: Rhythms of Senegal


Off to Guinea

Instructors, Participant

Hi friends and family! Just a reminder that we are traveling to Guinea Nov 18-Nov 28 for our student-led expedition. Connectivity is difficult so we will most likely be without Internet during this time. Our two weeks in Temento Samba went too......Read More


Tidbits from Tiquipaya

Elly, Instructor

Dear Amigxs, It’s hard to believe that our time in Tiquipaya is coming to end. I am currently sitting in the program house sipping on ginger tea while the students are valiantly planning their Expedition Phase. Last weekend some of the students......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Andes Amazon

South America: Andes & Amazon - Group B


Don Alfredo and Jewlery Making

Zoe, Participant

Don Alfredo. A master jewler, an avid basketball fan, a caring father and son, and an owner of two overweight but adorable dogs. When I walked into my ISP on the first day and met Don Alfredo, I thought it was just going to be learning the art of......Read More


Kurta Night

Arvin Singh Uzunov Dang, Instructor

As responsible and ethically-minded travellers, we have questioned how to strike a balance between engaging with a culture deeply as well decoratively, and whether we bring to Nepal a narrative of austerity shaped by the media and preconceptions. We......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

China: South of the Clouds


Update & Muskaan’s Birthday

Instructor Team, Instructor

To celebrate Muskaan’s birthday we all went to dinner at a vegan restaurant here in Kunming. We even had a vegan cake! This is our final weekend here in Kunming. On Monday we’ll head north to the village of Nanyao outside of Lijiang (still in......Read More


Update from Trek!

Christy Sommers, Instructor

We have just come down from Na village, the highest point on our trek, at 4,200m/13,800 ft. We spent two nights there where we hiked to the sacred lake Tso Rolpa and we spent a full day resting and watching the mountains and glaciers absorb the......Read More

WTBD Yaks from India

India: Himalayas to the Ganges River


Reflections on Bodh Gaya

Marka, Participant

Lama Tsering sits across the table from me, sipping a cup of chai. I haven’t touched mine yet — perpetually afraid I’ll burn my tongue, I always let it cool for way too long first, then try my best to avoid drinking the skin that......Read More


Some recent pictures

Parker, Instructor

Photo 1: Said demonstrates how the potters make, glaze, and fire the famous green pottery/ceramics of Tamegroute. Photo 2: Students in the oldest and one of the largest kasbahs (“castles”) in Morocco made in the 1550s. Thirty families cohabitate......Read More


The Melody of Laundry

Julia Long, Participant

The first sound I hear after I wake up, besides the incessant trill of my 6:00 alarm, is the laundry man. Sound is a constant in Varanasi: the honking of motorcycles and rickshaws; the mooing of the street cows; the denizens of this gloriously noisy......Read More


Meet Sampela’s family

Instructor, Instructor

Today is the first day of our homestay in Sampela, Wakatobi. After arriving in this village, Andar met us and took us to his home where all the families waited, curious to meet all of the students–their new children for the next 12 days.......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Guatemala

Guatemala: Spanish Language & Grassroots Activism


Forging Our Own Horizons

Emmet Winter, Participant

In the past few weeks since leaving San Juan, among all of the intense, memorable experiences and fortunate opportunities we have had, Cooperativa Nuevo Horizonte near Santa Ana, Petén stands out. After the Guatemalan Civil War, ex-guerrilleros......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

China: South of the Clouds



Ellie, Participant

Fish When you walk in Kunming, you walk oceanside. I frantically scrawl this sentence in my notebook from the belly of a whale shark, master of the tributaries. Within, I am jostled, but safe, peering into the water through clear panes. Outside, I......Read More


Chinese Group Yak

Bennett, Participant

I recently took a poll of everyone’s favorite word or phrase in Chinese. I’ve included the characters and meaning of each person’s selection, our Chinese names, and a photo of the poll itself.   奔腾 Bennett:......Read More


再见 goodbye (for now)

Madeleine, Participant

I’m Madeleine, one of the China semester instructors, along with Zack and Long Yun. It feels strange to introduce myself again, having done it around three months ago on this same Yak board. Then I was saying hello; this time I have to say......Read More