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Myanmar: Buddhist Traditions & Transformation

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Bon voyage

Parker, Participant

Molly, Sarah, Tiana, Lexi, Ian, Sam, Thalia, and Emma are going through security at Bangkok Airport. Here is our final picture all together. Safe travels.  Until we see each other again....Read More


Final Takeaways

Students, Participant

Yak of the Week

What misconception about Myanmar has been dispelled or challenged over the course? “Myanmar was under a military dictatorship for many years. I expected the people to be exhausted downtrodden victims. I never expected the energy and warmth......Read More


A Visit to Parliament

Molly Burnett, Participant

Yak of the Week

At nine on a Tuesday morning, the neatly paved streets and wide, sixteen-lane expressways of Myanmar’s capital city are completely devoid of commutters. No rush hour traffic, no school busses, no angry nine-to-fivers leaning on their......Read More