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2018 Spring Gap

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The Importance of Castañas

Mary Ren Moench, Participant

Having just returned from the amazing community of Boca Pariamanu located on the Madre de Dios River, I find myself unable to express our experience in only a few hundred words. The Amazon Rainforest is unlike any other place I have ever visited,......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Andes Amazon

South America: Andes & Amazon - Group A



Brooke, Participant

Greetings, all! I´m settling into my homestay here in Tiquipaya, Bolivia where my alarm clock is a baby sheep and the potatoes are plentiful. It´s been quite the change of pace from our trek in Toro Toro. There, we spent our days climbing......Read More


On the Tea Horse Road

Kristen, Participant

Greetings from Tiger Leaping Gorge! While we have some interesting Yaks in store for you that will sum up our time in Nanyao village, we wanted to update you on our whereabouts and share some beautiful scenery with you! This afternoon we arrived in......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Andes Amazon

South America: Andes & Amazon - Group B


Boca Pariamanu

Jack Oliver, Participant

Without a watch, it was nearly impossible to tell the time during the day in the rainforest. We might have been walking 40 minutes or two hours. Occassionally, we would pass a pile of brazil nuts that the people of Boca Pariamanu had collected from......Read More