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2019 Fall College Study Abroad

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Who’s Cooking Dinner?

Sage Mountain, Participant

Yak of the Week

On Wednesday night this last week, I tagged along with my homestay brother to the Patan Durbar square to meet some friends and celebrate the Dashain times, for many a religious holiday steeped in tradition and meaning, for my homestay brother who......Read More



Sarah, Participant

Picture of the Week

Here are some photos from the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development Knowledge Park! It was so nice to get outdoors and learn about sustainable rural development!


Home in Urubamba

Kendall, Participant

As our final week is creeping upon us its beginning to sink in how much I’m going to miss my homestay family here in Urubamba. Last Wednesday was absolutely beautiful, the sun was shinning and everything felt good. My 8 year old sister Danielle......Read More


Dasain ko ghaam

Sharon, Instructor

When the sky turns into the deepest blue after the long monsoon. The marigolds bloom in doubles; in hues of orange, yellow and gold and the sun shines not too harshly but brightly usually between September and October it marks the beginning of the......Read More


Pisac Ruins

Chandra Moore, Participant

This is a pic of our group before we dispersed on our own to explore the magical ruins atop the large and beautiful mountain overlooking Pisac. Our instructor Sarah brought us there to make observations about the landscapes, and let us roam free for......Read More


A Birthday To Remember

Alexandra Tigger Nesbett, Participant

A Birthday away from home can often activate homesickness, as it did for myself. All I wanted was the comfort of my family and friends around me. I wanted to be eating my Mothers chocolate cake in my house, with my dogs at my feet. Not only that,......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Andes Amazon

Study Abroad South America: The Spirit of the Andes


Update on Peru

Cara, Dragons Admin

Dear Friends and Families, We are writing to give you an update related to Peru. As you may be aware, yesterday Peru’s President Martin Vizcarra carried out a controversial dissolution of Congress. In response there have been gatherings in Lima,......Read More


Update from Urubamba

Kaela Frank, Instructor

Dear friends and families, This weekend marked the halfway point of our time in Urubamba. Students are settling in to the rhythms of daily life with their host families. During the week, in the mornings students have two and half hours of Spanish......Read More


Homestay vibing

Kenna, Participant

I feel so grateful to have the chance to immerse myself in Nepali family life. I truly feel treated as one of their own through my differences. We laugh and communicate with ease, even through the barrier of language. When I was sick, I was taken......Read More


Heads to the Trees

Sage Mountain, Participant

This last weekend the older brother in my homestay family, mero nepali daai, went trekking with a group of his friends. A couple nights after he returned we were on the roof of our house watching the day slide away, telling stories and putting......Read More