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2019 Fall College Study Abroad

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Paru Paru Magic

Faith Christian, Participant

Paru Paru was so incredibly beautiful. I am so grateful to have gotten to be a part of such an amazing experience. What impacted me the most was getting to stay in Marco and his family’s home with Chandra. He accepted us with open arms and......Read More


A Hidden Gem

Kendall, Participant

The moment we arrived in Paru Paru I was in total awe of the beauty surrounding me. Our first meal left me speechless as tears fell down my face from the inner joy I was experiencing, each moment followed existed of the same ecstasy. There have been......Read More


Paru Paru arrival

Zayd (Jime), Participant

September 1, 2019 16:30 Today we have reached the beautiful community of Paru Paru. The altitude is 12,000 feet. This mountain view is incredible. I felt tears behind my eyelids as I looked at the scenic views, but I held back because of my......Read More


Off to Paru Paru

Luis, Instructor

Hello family and friends!! Greetings from Ollantaytambo where we are wrapping up our group orientation  We’ve had a wonderful time full of learning  laughs, delicious food and getting to know Perú. Today were off to Paru Paru, a very rural......Read More


First Week Adventures!

Michael D Smith, Instructor

We’ve concluded our student orientation, and made our way farther southeast from Dhulikhel to Hasera Permaculture Farm in the lush green valley of Kavre District. On Wednesday we took a long day hike from Dhulikhel to Namo Buddha Monastery and......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Nepal

Study Abroad Nepal: Passages & Peaks of the Himalaya


First Reflections

Kenna :), Participant

My time in Nepal has been a colorful whirlwind of cultural expansion, gratitude and everything in between. The earth surrounds, immersed by the sacred mother of the Himalayas, being held by her powerful presence. Everywhere is green. Everything is......Read More


First Week

Sarah, Participant

Since landing in Nepal, I have been feeling very grateful for this opportunity. I have noticed in my time here that there is so much beauty everywhere around me when I stop to pay attention. One of my favorite days so far was yesterday, when we went......Read More


Bienvenidos a Peru!

Kaela, Instructor

CSA South America has landed! Chandra, Kendall, Tigger, Noah, Faith, and Naomi are en route with Kaela to Ollantaytambo and Zayd and Luis are close behind. Although tired after overnight travel, spirits are high and everyone is excited to get to......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Andes Amazon

Study Abroad South America: The Spirit of the Andes



Noah Engel, Participant

Hi my name is Noah I’m from California. I have lived in San Francisco my whole life but I decided to go to the east coast for college. After I finished my first year of college to be honest I was feeing really bored. I felt like I’m in a point......Read More


Departure Day Tips

Shino, Dragons Admin

Hello intrepid CSA South America students, Your journey is right around the corner and your field staff can’t wait to meet you! Below is a reminder about your day-of travel details. Should you need to reach our staff during travel days (both......Read More