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Nepal: Himalayan Studies – Group A

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Jacob and Natalie, Participant

Day 1 of cooking with Swayambu and Sharmila: Aloo (potato) Curry with Butter Roti Ingredients: 15 small potatoes 2 onions 4 small tomatoes 4 green bird’s-eye chilis 1 kg whole wheat flour Butter 1 tsp each: cumin, turmeric, fennel, dried chili......Read More


What can I do (to get “it”)?

Uttara, Instructor

A few days ago there were climate strikes across the globe. Several Dragons groups did something to mark these Fridays. We did a reflective activity where students were asked to think about what a series of objects means to them. We used a plastic......Read More


Him A goes on a walk

Instructors, Instructor

It is something of a tradition for Dragons groups in Nepal to go on a walk with Anil Chitrakar, a social entrepreneur and total expert about all things Patan. Some instructors have been on his walks a dozen times and are still greeted with fresh......Read More


Our first few days in Nepal!

Instructors, Instructor

We’ve only been in Nepal for about a week, but it already feels like we have experienced so much. This is but a glimpse. The students landed in a rainy and wet Kathmandu and were quickly whisked away in a bus to Bhaktapur, an ancient city just to......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Nepal

Nepal: Himalayan Studies - Group A


Chandler, Cooper and McKenna in Bhaktapur

Chandler, Cooper and McKenna, Participant

Hello! We don’t have any photos because the videos and photos taken on my (Chandler’s) camera are too big to post apparently. We had a video discussing what we were doing in Bhaktapur, and we’re sorry that we cannot share it. While......Read More


Baby on Baby

Rebecca, John, Audrey, Noah, Participant

We are the group responsible for the baby endeavor. No regrets for purchasing that baby. The momos in that photo were scrumptious. Audrey and I enjoyed looking, not petting!!, some cute puppies. We may or may not have gotten lost....Read More



Rebecca, Participant

Saturday was the first morning we were all able to wake up with no jet-lag!!! Despite it being our last day at the Bhaktapur Guest House, and we were all very sad to leave our first Nepali home, the day was extremely special–and with a lot of......Read More


DaBaby at Bhaktapur Guest House

All of us, Participant

On a scavenger hunt in Bhaktapur square, one of the questions was to buy the strangest item possible with 150 rupees, which is $1.32 USD. My group (Rebecca, Audrey, John, Noah) found this baby. All of Him A has decided to take the baby to each......Read More


“I’ll come back later”

Josephine, Natalie and Owen, Participant

Introduction to bargaining: “Namaste! I am looking for a comfortable shawl for my mother.” “We have the softest cashmere in the valley…just for your mom.” “I love soft fabric, may I pet?” “Yes, we......Read More