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Nepal: Himalayan Studies – Group B

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What Koshi Homestay Looks Like

Shruti (Eugenia), Participant

Yak of the Week

Entering a rural village with limited knowledge of the language or culture is a terrifying feat. While my first 24 hours—spent hiding out in my room, silently staring out into the field of marigolds, and failing to maintain any conversation that......Read More


“A Typical Morning in Koshi Tappu”

Lakshmi (Graciana ), Participant

A new day here again, Familiarity lurking in yesterday’s skin. Dark and grey morning fog engulfs me– A world without the sun I see. The fog slips away then come sunrise, A shadow of sleep still dewy in my eyes. “Morning has broken!” The......Read More



Hari, Participant

My home is 20 feet from my neighbour. My neighbours also happen to be related to my family. Everyone in the village knows each other and we all visit each others homes. It is splendid being so connected with amazing people. Their hospitality and......Read More


A Note on Traveling Light

Genevieve, Instructor

Yak of the Week

I’ve been thinking a lot about lightness on this trek – what it means to “pack light,” and on the flip side, the things that make life heavy. Sometimes heaviness is an illusion, merely mild dehydration kicking in or the......Read More


“A short poem”

Gracie, Participant

Seventeen long days of trek may sound dreary, But out spirits remained high no matter how weary. Hours and hours lost in our heads, All the while focusing on the trails ahead. This constant movement may seem of Woe, But truly it taught us to reflect......Read More


Yak Post!

Alexandra, Participant

While preparing for this trek, we were asked to reduce our packs to only include the bare necessities: a couple changes of clothes, a sleeping bag, two water bottles, and some toiletries. Before coming to Nepal, I never would have imagined that I......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Nepal

Nepal: Himalayan Studies - Group B


Living out of my pack for 17 days

Maya, Participant

After living out of my back pack for 17 days, it’s safe to say that everyone in our group realized that we don’t need as much as we think we do. Although, I didn’t expect to actually feel happier and calmer using less stuff on a......Read More


Pursuit of Mindfulness

Eyal, Participant

After eighteen years of claiming what’s mine and what could be, I see a side to the world that doesn’t belong to just me. The mountains stretch neck-strechingly high and the valleys cut heart wrenchingly deep, The rush of the waterfall......Read More


On living Life

ASA, Participant

A happy life. A meaningful life. A productive life. Anyone could live these ways, but someone who appears to be could in reality be entirely miserable. None of these words “mean” anything, they’re simply hollow shells with......Read More


Nyak Post

Matt, Participant

The trail gives us the rare gift of slowing down. You don’t get to camp in a predictable 4 hours, it depends on every step and natures whim. Every corner, step and bend is carefully seen from every angle. You get to enjoy all the beauty the......Read More


“Less is More”

Gracie, Participant

What have you realized after living out of your backpack these past (17) days? One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the past couple weeks is the simple yet overlooked principle: “Less is More.” In preparation for the......Read More


Return from Trek/moving into homestay

Instructors, Instructor

Namaste dear families and friends! We have descended from the magnificent mountain valley which was our home for 17 days down to Dhulikhel where the group has been taking some time to slow down and celebrate the mid-course!   Up in the mountains,......Read More


some moments from the past week

Diana, Participant

oct 7th we hopped on the trail at around 8am and didn’t get into camp til around 7pm. in the afternoon we were hit by a pretty heavy rainstorm, but we were excited to get to camp, get warm, dry, and sit down for dinner. some Positive Mental......Read More