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2019 Fall Gap

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Exploring Lhasa

Jody, Dragons Admin

The group is now enjoying their third day in Lhasa and excited as they learn more about the region and Tibetan Buddhism. All students are healthy and doing well! A few photos from the instructor team, below:...Read More


Boca Pariamanu

Sierra and Henry, Dragons Admin

It’s day two here of our incredible stay in the Boca Pariamanu community. The Peruvian rainforest has so far proven to be a warm and welcoming place. In two short days, we have learned and seen so many new things. How lucky are we to have the......Read More



GABE, Participant

Hadija wakes up earlier than the rest of the family. In the kitchen she gathers the ingredients she needs: flour, water, salt, yeast, and arranges them in a semi-circle around a large mixing bowl on the kitchen floor. She washes her hands and sits......Read More



Lauren, Participant

Yak of the Week

During the group’s mini x-phase, a visit to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum was planned. Michelle was given the task of creating an assignment for the group related to our visit there. Here it is: The exhibit at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum......Read More


River Stones

Ann-Claire, Participant

River Stones Sitting softly by the river It’s not the cold that makes me shiver But the silence of stones below the surface Silent and stoic forevermore. If you look, you will see them If you wave, you can even greet them Not prisoners, but......Read More


Lima tan linda.

Ben, Participant

Hi everyone, We are happy to let you all know that we are diving into our time in Lima, Peru. Today we took public transport from our hostel to the center of the city to visit museums and eat ceviche. We are currently en route to the beach to watch......Read More


Internet Cafe

Sierra and Sam, Participant

Update from Sierra and Sam! We´re about to go to the Amazon. Right now we´re in an internet cafe getting lots of new music on an mp3 player because we are music deprived. But we´re super excited to go to the jungle 😀 Being in an internet cafe......Read More


Transition to the Amazon

The Instructors, Participant

Hi friends and family, We have had quite the adventure this last week trekking in Ausangate. Despite the rain, hail, and snow we experienced on the trail – we had an incredible time being among the sacred mountains and lakes in this region. We......Read More


So we happen to be in Chile…!

Izzy, Leo, Owen, and Sandy, Participant

At about 130 am on Wednesday morning we were awoken by Sandy and Jac with great news; we were Peru-bound! Everyone packed up their rooms and we headed downstairs to drive to the airport. At this point Leo, Owen and I were greeted with a fun......Read More