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Photo by Benjamin Swift, Andes & Amazon Semester.

South America: Andes & Amazon – Group A

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El Palmar… a Trek to Remember

Lucy, Rose and Henry, Dragons Admin

Our trek in El Palmar was an adventure to say the least… Highlights included condors, fresh coconut, confusing high altitude palm trees, lots of cacti, and, after 12 hours of trekking with heavy packs ‘neath the relentless Andean sun, making......Read More

South America: Andes & Amazon - Group A, South America: Andes & Amazon - Group B


Update on Political Situation in Bolivia

David Haffeman, Dragons Admin

Dear Friends and Families, We are writing to give you an update related to Bolivia. As you may be aware, last Sunday presidential elections were held in which Evo Morals was running for a controversial 4th term. Final votes were counted yesterday......Read More


I’m a Church Goer

Sierra, Participant

La Jastambo has quickly become home for those of us on the Andes and Amazon trip. I’m genuinely really happy here. There is hardly any free time, which is hard, and internet access isn’t always a luxury we can afford (literally), but the days......Read More


Mama y su espíritu

Sofie Lasko, Participant

Mom prays for us. She says “protect my daughters”. Let them be healthy. Keep them from illness. You are the only doctor who can provide them health. “Protect my daughters”. Every member of church greets us with a handshake, smile, and......Read More


Fairy Houses

Maddy, Participant

(This was written a few weeks ago during our trekking phase before the homestay. My apologies taking so long to get it to you. It’s just that good ol’ Bolivian time)     Yesterday my 27 year old mentor and I plopped down in the......Read More


Lessons from La Jastambo

Lucy, Participant

Here in our homestay barrio in the suburbs of Sucre we have all settled into a routine over the last few weeks. We’ve figured out who actually lives in our houses vs. who just comes over a lot, and we’re no longer surprised to wake up and speak......Read More


Back from Trek

The Instructors, Participant

Hi families and friends! We are back from our trek in El Palmar, and resting our legs from a few days of amazing hiking. The sun was strong, and the trail food delicious. The group really exemplified their leadership and organizational skill as well......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Andes Amazon

South America: Andes & Amazon - Group A


Off to El Palmar!

The Instructor team, Instructor

Hi families and friends, Just a quick note that we will be heading out to our second trek early tomorrow morning. We are excited to experience a very special microclimate in the Andes where super old palm trees grow, and have a moment to reconnect......Read More


Trekking and Groundedness

Lucy, Participant

This yak is brought to you by a pensive micro ride home from downtown (not to brag, but I got home by myself without getting lost). As I irresponsibly chugged the best iced coffee I´ve ever had out of my nalgene (traveler-safe ice and soy milk......Read More


Parental Units

Sierra Goodfriend, Participant

Mom and Dad! I love you guys and miss you <3 I know you guys have been asking for some photos so here are a few! I’ll update another yak with some writing soon 🙂 Voila! (Ps: these are just the photos that I have of me on our group iPad. Fear......Read More


Los días en La Jastambo

Paola Flores, Instructor

One night before we started our homestays the 12 students made tacos for dinner. They also took care of buying the ingredients, It was a good and fun time. Many times food gathers and connects us. Since Monday we have had Spanish classes and some......Read More


Update from La Jastambo

Henry Popp, Participant

Today we watched some Bolivian films and documentaries by a local filmmaker, Omar. He told us about what it’s like to make movies in Bolivia. He was our first guest speaker. After, we played soccer with some local kids in the park outside the......Read More