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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Nepal: Himalayan Studies – Group B

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Asher Ladin, Participant

Hello my name is Asher. I was born and raised in Durango, Colorado, in the southwest corner of of the state. My home is up against the border of our local national forest. This is where I first discoverd my love for nature. I spend a lot of time......Read More


Pre-Course Engagement

Instructor Team, Instructor

Hello Team B friends, It has been so wonderful connecting with you over the past few weeks over the phone, and seeing your introductions beginning to appear here on the Yak Board has us so excited to begin a new semester and adventure with you all.......Read More


Hi I’m Hope!

Hope Murphy, Participant

Hi everyone, my name is Hope Murphy! I was born in Richmond, Virginia but I’ve grown up on my family’s farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I spend my summers paddle boarding, traveling, babysitting, playing tennis, visiting my friends, and......Read More



Rachel, Participant

Hey everyone I’m Rachel and I’m from Boston. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all and sharing what I hope will be an incredible experience. I chose dragons Nepal because I am ready to be thrust outside of my comfort zone......Read More



Stuart Myers, Participant

Hello everyone! My name is Stuart Myers, I currently live in Portland, OR, but I was raised in Nashville, TN and I was born in Colorado Springs. I have been spending this past fall on my gap year and I plan to go to college this fall. The main......Read More



Emma Dufault, Participant

Hi my name is Emma  and I’m from Mamaroneck, NYwhich is about 30 mins outside of NYC. I chose to do Dragons because I felt that I needed a break from college and to explore myself and the world more. I’ve always loved to travel and something in......Read More



Elizabeth Freeland, Participant

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Freeland, but a lot of people call me Liz. I was born in Naples, Florida but raised in Nashville, TN. Last year, I went to the University of Southern California where I studied Computer Science Business Administration. I am......Read More


Hello Everyone!

Elli, Participant

My name is Elli Stevenson, I’m 19 and live in the beautiful Mount Washington Valley in Tamworth, New Hampshire. I am on a gap year right now before I head to college in the fall, and what better way to spend it than traveling abroad!......Read More


Hi i’m Anna Lucía 👋

Anna Lucía, Participant

Hi everyone, I’m Anna Lucía Gutiérrez from Mexico city. I’m super exited that in about 22 days we’ll be arriving in Nepal. I chose to do a gap semester with Dragons because one of my favorite things to do is travel and emerge in new......Read More


Student Introduction

Cate Hazel, Participant

Hi everyone! My name is Cate Hazel, and I am from Fredericksburg, Virginia. As I started to write this blog post it made it very real that in a few short weeks I will be leaving the comfort of my home and going on an adventure of a lifetime. I am......Read More


Updated Packing List!

I-Team, Instructor

As your arrival to Nepal is approaching, we wanted to share with you some tips and updates about the packing list. They may deviate from what is recommended on the Packing List in the Course Preparation Manual (CPM), however we feel that these......Read More


Hello from New Zealand

Anna G. Stevens, Instructor

Future Him B Team, Namaste and Happy New Year, I am writing to you from an old vintage bus-turned-home in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is summer here and the days are long and filled with light, which has given me time to move my legs through this......Read More


Instructor Introduction

Rishi Bhandari, Instructor

Greetings dear Friends, With a cup of strong coffee on my hand I am writing this note from a balcony at my friends’ flat which overlooks high rise buildings of Hyderabad. Scattered along these sky piercing buildings are a mosque and a temple......Read More


Instructor Introduction

Shanti Magar, Instructor

Namaste Everyone!! My name is Shanti Magar, one of your instructors for this spring course. I was born and raised in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, which celebrates its modernity in the backdrop of ritualism. The place I grew up is a melting......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Nepal

Nepal: Himalayan Studies - Group A, Nepal: Himalayan Studies – Group B


A warm welcome!

Christy Sommers, Dragons Admin

Namaste Dragons, I’d like to start by expressing my inspiration and gratitude: I’m inspired by your courage to leap into the wild journey that awaits you just around the bend, and grateful to the unique set of circumstances that is bringing each......Read More