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2019 Spring Gap

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WTBD Yaks from Nepal

Nepal: Himalayan Studies – Group B


End-of-Course Thoughts

Meredith Levin, Participant

Still I know I’ve got to go! Fly away, meadowlark Fly away on this silver morning If I stay, I’ll grow to curse the dark So it’s off where the days won’t bind me I know I leave wounds behind me But I won’t let tomorrow......Read More


An Ode to Nepal

Hope Murphy, Participant

Yak of the Week

“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.” -J.R.R. Tolkien I came to Nepal looking to learn and to expand my......Read More


Montañas que Escalamos

Elly, Instructor

Yak of the Week

“You cannot stay on the summit forever; you have to come down again. So why bother in the first place? Just this: What is above knows what is below, but what is below does not know what is above. One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no......Read More

WTBD yaks from Mekong

Mekong: The Tibetan Plateau to the Heart of Southeast Asia


Abuah’s Story

Maia, Participant

Abuah was our trekking guide for our three days of trekking in the Lijang mountains. He is from the Lisu people, an ethnic minority group in China. In Lisu culture, there is fire pit culture, telling stories around a fire. They do not have......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Nepal

Nepal: Himalayan Studies - Group A


A Letter to Myself

Maria, Participant

Yak of the Week

My experience in Nepal is coming to an end. For my last Yak, I want to write a letter to myself to help me remember all the things I have learned from this trip and to help me make sense of this experience as a whole. Maria, As the city of Patan and......Read More


Our Final Days

Instructor Team, Instructor

We are into our last days here in Nepal and wanted to share some photos of our last week. These final few days are spent in transference where we focus on ourselves, our group, and our larger community and world.  We are staying in the same......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Indonesia

Indonesia: Community, Culture, and Conservation


Sending Gratitude

Keshet Miller, Instructor

Dear friends and families, What a journey it has been. Over the last three months we have seen each one of our students transform and grow in a thousand different ways. As a group, we have learned how to travel together, to respect each other and......Read More


The Viewpoint

Frances McMillan, Participant

My alarm frantically started buzzing at 3:30 am. Naturally, I turned it off and burrowed deeper into my warm sleeping bag. Eventually I heard my tent mate Mel whisper, “Are we going Fran?” from the sleeping bag next to me. I laid there......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Andes Amazon

South America: Andes & Amazon - Group C


Jungle Symphony

Ella, Participant

As I lay on my bed in the dark at Fauna Forever, separated from the outside by a few layers on netting, I listen to the many layers of sound around me. I hear insects with their chirping calls over and over, mixed in with the occasional high-pitched......Read More


Last Crest

Diego d'Anselme, Participant

This morning, at dawn, when the ghastly shroud unveiled, I departed. I will walk eyes fixed on one thought, not hearing a noise, seeing nothing outside but your transcendent peak dominating the valley. This morning, at dawn, when the ghastly shroud......Read More