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2019 Summer

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Introducing myself

Madeleine Dawson, Participant

Hello everyone, My name is Madeleine Dawson. I live in Sausalito, CA, which is geographically right next to San Francisco. I am incredibly excited about this trip! Since my mother’s side of the family is originally from China, I have always......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Bolivia

Bolivia: Spirit of the Andes


Hi Everyone :)

Natacha, Participant

Hello everyone, My name is Natacha I am 16  and I have always dreamt to become a traveler. My ultime goal is to become a journalist. The main reason why is because I have a lot of country written down on my list. I am an half breed as I like to......Read More


Tentative Itinerary

Team Himalaya, Instructor

In just one month’s time we will be embarking on this crazy adventure together! Your I-team and the Dragons admin team have been hard at work designing a course that we hope will be profoundly meaningful, challenging, transformative, and very fun!......Read More



Hector 'Teto' Morales, Instructor

Hello Dragoncitos! We are beyond excited to present to you all an outline of our coming adventures. Keep in mind that our itineraries are always fluid; Dragons courses are tailored to their time and place, as well as to the interests of students......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

China: Mandarin Language Intensive (4-week) - Group A


Internet access in China

Qianping, Participant

You all have surely heard of internet censorship in China. This is a very big and complex topic that we will definitely be chatting about during our time in China. Many websites we often use in other parts of the world will not be available without......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Bolivia

Bolivia: Spirit of the Andes


Our Packing Suggestions

Dave Haffeman, Instructor

    Hola Dragones! What kind of packer are you? Do you wait until the last minute to run around your house throwing anything at arms reach into your suitcase? Do you have everything meticulously laid out, packing and repacking, weeks......Read More


Presenting our Tentative Itinerary!

Dave, Jac and Ana, Instructor

  Hola Dragones!   The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Presenting you with the summer 2019 Bolivia itinerary!    Ana, Jac, and I have been pretty excited creating this itinerary, planning lessons, scheduling guest speakers, and......Read More


Introduction – Uttam Gyawali

Uttam Gyawali, Participant

Helloooo. Firstly, I didn’t know when we were supposed to post, so I guess I’ll be the first participant to do so. So, hi, my name is Uttam Gyawali (ooo-tom gya-wall-e), and I am so so so excited for this program. I haven’t......Read More


Our Tentative Itinerary!

Paola, Ben, and Colleen, Instructor

Note to students: As you read through this description of our tentative itinerary, here are some words we have not translated that we would like you to look up, and learn a bit about as you find them in the itinerary. They are all either places or......Read More