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Bienvenidos a Peru

Gabriel Berrocal, Instructor

Hi Everyone, Welcome to this program! My name is Gabriel. I was born and raised in Peru, the amazing country you are about to explore, get to know, and hopefully fall in love with. I’m from the capital, Lima, where we won’t spend much time, but......Read More



Gregory Pettys, Instructor

Greetings fellow travelers! I write to you now from the cozy confines of a less-than-trendy coffee shop adjacent the impressive Arkansas River my wife and I spent the morning rafting down. All my senses are tingling with the aliveness only direct......Read More


Introduction from Your Instructor

Shanti Magar, Instructor

“We are all connected by a love for travel!” Namaste Everyone!! I hope you all are doing well and getting geared for your travels. I would like to introduce myself to you a bit. I was born and raised in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal,......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

China: The Silk Road


Introducing Yourself and Using the Yak Board

Instructors, Participant

Hi everyone, Welcome to the Yak Yak board. This will be our number one place to communicate before the course begins. Once we begin our adventure, this is where we will share observations and details about our location and plans so our friends and......Read More



Colin Cahill, Instructor

Hey folks! My name is Colin and I will be one of the instructors for this program, along with Micah and Sidonie.  This will be my first time leading a program with Dragons in Madagascar and I can’t wait for it to start! I have been working with......Read More


Introduction—Luke Hein

Luke Hein, Instructor

Hi Silk Road students and families! My name is Luke Hein. I’m one of the Dragons instructors who will help you to make your upcoming journey a deep, meaningful, and fun experience. This will be my eleventh course with Dragons since I joined in......Read More


Instructor Introduction :)

Ben Daley, Instructor

Yak of the Week

Dear Students! Today, I write to you with anticipation from Little Gibson Lake in Northern Wisconsin. I’ve been here seeing friends and family, sharing stories of a recent road trip in the Western US, and reminiscing about memories of these......Read More


Hola dragones!

Vanessa Luna, Instructor

Allillanchu! I am excited to write to you all, my future travel companions.  Even though I am from Peru and I am familiar with some of the places we will visit, I am always thrilled for a new adventure, especially the type of adventure that we will......Read More


Greetings from Dali!

Patricia Li, Instructor

大家好!Hi Everyone! My name is Yizhe Li (李艺哲). You can also call me Patricia. I am very happy to be back with Dragons this summer and leading my 3rd China language course. Currently I am living in Dali, Yunnan Province and we are going......Read More


Instructor Introduction

Badr Allouche, Instructor

Ramadan Mubarak (Have a blessed Ramadan). Today is the first day of Ramadan. I will be fasting until 7:30 pm today, and I cannot wait to tell you all about it and share Morocco with you. I am Badr; since all Arabic names have meanings, mine means......Read More


Hello from Marcus!

Marcus Larsen-Strecker, Instructor

Hello everyone, Marcus here!   I will be one of your instructors this upcoming summer, alongside Zhaoling and Qianping, and I am greatly looking forward to meeting each of you and to embarking on our journey together in China! As the summer......Read More



Micah LeMasters, Instructor

6 May 2019 Winona Lake, Indiana Greetings from the heartland of America and the calmly rolling fields of northern Indiana. My name is Micah and I will be the course director this summer in Madagascar. I have worked for dragons since 2015 and in that......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Guatemala

Guatemala: Spanish Language Intensive (4-week) - Group A



esteban, Participant

Hi, My name is Esteban and I am 17 and live in San Francisco. I play tennis and I love sports. Any genre of Movies are pretty cool. And i like almost all music except for country....Read More