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Colorado River Basin: Sustainable Relationships with Land and Water in the Western USA


Farming in Paonia

Nick, Participant

July 20th 2021 We have just left a farm in Paonia. We have been learning about sustainable farming, global warming, housing, and seeds. We met a man named Jeff who had us work on projects on the farm like composting, harvesting, irrigating and......Read More


Transitioning to La Paz

Bolivia I team, Instructor

Hola familia, This morning we said goodbye to Tiquipaya and boarded a plane for Bolivia’s capitol city, La Paz. We arrived in the morning and were greeted by the huge mountains which gaurd this city. After checking into our hostel we wasted no......Read More


San Juan la Laguna!

Alexa and Sofia, Participant

Hola! Estamos en San Juan la Laguna. This town on Lake Atitlan is surrounded by magnificent green mountains in every direction. Here there are weaving, chocolate, honey and coffee co-ops everywhere you go, and everything is grown and created in the......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Peru

Peru: Sacred Mountains


Group arrived at Finca Las Piedras Research Center

Zack, Instructor

After a long drive and a drop of some 12,000ft of elevation, we have arrived to the last excursion of our trip, the Peruvian Rainforest! We’ve lucked out and are currently experiencing a cold front of highs in the mid-80s, but it should be back to......Read More



Jack, Participant

Today is July 19, 2021. We started the day by practicing our Spanish at the Eco Spanish School in San Juan. After that, we spent a nice hour at the beach on Lake Atitlan. I didn’t know that Lake Atitlan was as deep as it was, so being about......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Bolivia

Bolivia: Spirit of the Andes


Ring making!

Marley, Participant

During my time in Tiquipaya, my independent study project was silversmithing! 5 other students and I worked with Don Alfredo to make rings, pendants, and earrings out of almost pure silver. The process of a ring starts by melting down 95% silver and......Read More


Photos from Dene

Jenny, Dragons Admin

Here’s a few images from a relaxing and reflective day in Dene, an intentional Sufi community located on the coastline of northern Senegal. We camped out in bug huts under the stars, we learned about Sufism from Babacar and his father, we walked......Read More


The Last Day of The Lares Trek

Harper, Participant

Dear Families, For those following the Yak Board, I apologize for the delay in the update about the last day of the Lares Trek. While I am sure most of you have heard about the group’s decision to cut the trek a day short, I am hoping to......Read More


Nuestro tiempo en la llajta (Tiquipaya)

Equipo Bolivia, Instructor

Yak of the Week

Hola querida familia de dragones! Vamos a contarles sobre nuestra experiencia en la hermosa Llajta, Tiquipaya… Familias! Fue un día lleno de emociones. Las dragonas estaban listas para encontrarse con las que serán sus familias por unos......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Peru

Peru: Sacred Mountains


Paru Paru

Nick, Stella, and Nora, Participant

After having seen the Chinchero, Moray, and Pisac ruins we arrived at the Paru Paru community of “Parque de la Papa”. This is Nick, Stella, and Nora checking in from the beautiful Andes Mountains. This week we’ve had the......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Peru

Peru: Sacred Mountains



Meg, Participant

Hi everyone it is meg here coming to you a little late. On the 15th the group and I got to see Machu Picchu. This experience for me was one like no other. seeing the ruins as an experience that no one would forget. One of the things that i found......Read More