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Bhaktapur Scavenger Hunt

Emma, Nils, Eva, Participant

It started with us saying namaste to a man in a doorway. He put his hands together, bowed, smiled, and invited us in. With heavy hiking boots we trudged inside, and were greeted by a beautiful mandala hung on a white wall. Our scavenger hunt had......Read More


Ju Ju Dau

Maxime, John, Laura, Participant

Bhaktapur. A city with over four centuries of history. When we walked into Durbar Square we were met by ancient temples. Some were piles of rubble and others were supported by beams. These were constant reminders of the megaquake that struck just......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Nepal

Nepal: Himalayan Studies - Group B


Scavenger Hunt

Lucas, Blake, Sydney, Participant

Our scavenger hunt experience is somewhat along the lines of what we expected it to be. We’ve had many awkward encounters with our broken Nepali, very sub-par bargaining skills at street side vendors, and lots of uncomfortable, yet not......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Nepal

Nepal: Himalayan Studies - Group B


Scavenger Hunt

Whitney, Alessandro, Reilly, Carter, Participant

Here we are on day four in the lively city of Dulikhel. Today we are doing a scavenger hunt that has us interacting with locals, trying new vegetables and learning about the Nepali culture. One of the items on our list is writing a yak, so here we......Read More


Hello from Pharping!

Himalaya C, Participant

Nepal is full of pleasant surprises. After our nighttime arrival to Pharping, we all awoke jet-lagged and amazed to find ourselves amongst prayer flags and beautiful fog covered hills. We’ve been enjoying getting to know one another, playing......Read More

Madagascar & Senegal: Africa Semester


At the end of the road

Jennie Adler, Participant

At the end of end of the road there was a coffee shop, fitting no more than maybe seven people but with open doors where chickens enter as freely as people and smiles are constantly on the faces of those who work as well as those who sell the coffee......Read More


So excited to meet our families!

Jhasmany, Jeff and Sandy, Instructor

Hello dear families, We are heading towards our first experience out of the group. We have been together for the last five days greeting ready for our experiences in this really amazing area of the world. We have learned how to keep our selves safe......Read More


My First Yak

Jacob, Participant

I honestly can’t remember the time or place.. but maybe my parent will remember when they read this. On another note, our group is amazing, our instructors like finger puppets and our hackeysack skills will improve. Time is moving slowly and I......Read More


Stories or Opinions or Truth

Sarah Judd, Participant

How easy it is to have a Single Story when you’ve never met a participant.   Stories are not reality. Chimamanda said we needed more diverse stories, more possibilities, more points of view to see.   I think we need more reality. More......Read More


First Impressions in Pisaq

Claire McNulty, Participant

As Jeff would say, it´s become clear that we are all just babies, trying to find our way through all these new spaces and places we´ve encountered in the past week or so. Or at least, I am. I find myself stumbling to do simple things, like asking......Read More


Bolivia: The Hugh Brown Update

Hugh Brown, Participant

Hello Yak Board! Right now we are staying in an oasis property just outside of Sorata. Everywhere you look it feels like art. There are beautiful gardens filled with flowers I don’t recognize and a swimming pool made from rocks from the water......Read More


Altai Oasis

Wes, Participant

Hola Family and Friends! It’s Wes checking in from Bolivia! Following our short flight from Santa Cruz to La Paz, we finally got to meet our instructors, Itzá and Raquel. Awaiting the third instructor, Jackson, we all played ninja in the......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

China: South of the Clouds


Liam’s grandmother

Farmor Johansson, Participant

How wonderful to hear from you. Everything sounds so positive. Can’t wait for more details. Have a wonderful time....Read More


The Great Wall at Sunrise

Laureen, Julia, Elly, and Joey, Participant

This morning, thanks to Ian’s brilliance, eight of us decided to watch the sunrise from a tower of the Great Wall.  Ron set a breakneck pace, and made sure that we all made it up in time.  As the sun broke over the mountains, we......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Bolivia

South America: Andes & Amazon - Group C


Updated itinerary!

Brian, Raquel and Itza, Instructor

Dear friends and family, Hello! Things are off to a great start here in Sorata, and it has been fun to see the group come together these past few days.  Today we took a day hike near Sorata to take in the scenery and and start to prepare for our......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Myanmar

Myanmar: Buddhist Traditions & Transformation


3 Days in Thailand

Emma, Participant

3 days has shown me a lot of a little of Thailand. I can navigate the little market across the street like a local, greet all five of the guesthouse cats by name, and tell you which fruit vendor sells the sweetest papaya. But this isn’t the......Read More